Northern Pakistan Tour Packages 2024

Click Pakistan knows that Northern Areas of Pakistan are the hub of great mountain chains that attracts the tourists from all over the world. You can plan the memorable trips to the Northern Area of Pakistan. In the following there is the list of the best Northern Pakistan Tours Packages 2023.

Updated List of the Northern Pakistan Tour Packages 2024

Following is the list of the best Northern Pakistan Tour Packages 2024. You can choose the best package for you.

Click Pakistan Offers the Best Pakistan Tour Packages 2024 in the Northern Areas of Pakistan – Choose Best

Why Choose Northern Areas of Pakistan?

Pakistan’s Northern Areas are rich of natural beauty with serene landscape. As these areas as a travel destination offers a surreal combination of stunning beauty, adventure, tranquility and cultural richness that you hardly find elsewhere in the world.
Natural lovers, adventure seekers, cultural enthusiasts love to spend holidays in its spectacular beauty.  We will describe on why you might choose the Northern Areas of Pakistan as your preferred tour destination below: 
  • Breathtaking Landscape 
  • Hiking and Trekking 
  • Warm Hospitality 
  • Cultural Diversity 
  • Rich Heritage 
  • Historical Sites 
  • Adventure Sports 
  • Peace and serenity 
  • Photography Opportunities 
  • Biodiversity 
  • Astronomical Wonders 
  • Traditional Food Variety 
  • High-rise Mountains Beauty 
  •  Ski Activities 

Unique appeal of Northern Pakistan for tourists

The unique appeal of Northern Pakistan to tourists lies in its combination of natural landscape, rich heritage, adventure, and serenity.

Whether you are an adventure seeker, cultural immersion, or simply a respite from the ordinary, this region offers a surreal travel experience that leaves a lasting impression on those who venture there.

These characteristics contribute to the region’s distinct charm and attract a diverse range of travelers from around the world:

  • Spectacular Mountain Scenery
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Hospitality and Warmth
  • Remote and Off-the-Beaten-Path
  • Ancient History and Heritage
  • Adventure and Outdoor Activities
  • Unique Wildlife
  • Culinary Delights
  • Stargazing and Astronomy
  • Peace and Tranquility

Winter & Summer Tour Packages

The budget-friendly and luxurious Trips to Azad Kashmir Vacations and the best Honeymoon Northern Areas Winter Trip Packages are provided by Click Pakistan. Enjoy the Live Snowfall with one of our Winter Snowfall Trip Packages, then go on a tour with your family.

There are several such places in Northern Pakistan to visit, such as Chitral is a province in the Northern Areas of Pakistan, and the Hindukush mountains form its border with Afghanistan. The beautiful Hunza valley, with its pleasant and loving people, Rakaposhi and Nanga Parbat in the Himalayas, and so.

Five Mountain Peaks Above 5000 Meters in the Northern Areas of Pakistan

The Northern Areas of Pakistan are home to the most significant number of high mountains concentration on the planet, with over 100 mountain peaks exceeding 7000 meters. There are approximately 100 mountain peaks above 7000 meters in this small region, five of which rise more than 8000 meters:

Furthermore, the world’s most extended glaciers, where the following meets at a single location, are found in:

Honeymoon Tour Packages 2021

List of the Best Destinations in the Northern Areas of Pakistan 2024

Following is the list of the best destinations to visit Northern Areas of Pakistan. See beautiful Pakistan Places:

Types of Tour Packages

Tour packages for the Northern Areas of Pakistan cater to a wide range of travelers with varying interests and preferences. Here are some common types of tour packages for the Northern Areas of Pakistan:

Weekly Group Tour Packages 
Private Family Tour Packages
Honeymoon Tour Packages 
Cultural Exploration Packages
Trekking and Hiking Packages
Mountaineering Expeditions
Adventure Sports Packages
Wildlife and Nature Tours
Photography Tours
Family and Leisure Packages
Customized/Private Tours
Educational and Cultural Exchange Programs
Cooperate Tour Packages

Benefits of traveling in a group:

A group tour can offer various benefits that enhance the overall travel experience. Whether you’re exploring a new destination or embarking on an adventure, here are some advantages of traveling in a group:

  • Cost Savings
  • Convenience
  • Expert Guidance
  • Safety and Security
  • Access to Exclusive
  • Experiences
  • Built-In Social Interaction
  • Cultural Immersion
  • Shared Experiences
  • Less Stress
  • Diverse Perspectives
  • Time Efficiency
  • Support and Assistance
  • Solo Traveler Friendly

Most popular group tour packages

2 days Shogran & Sri Paye Tour Package
2 days Swat Mallam Jabba Tour Package
3 days Naran Kaghan Tour Package
days Swat, Kalam & Mallam Jabba Tour Package
days Neelum Valley Kashmir Tour Package
3 days Ratti Gli Kashmir Tour Package
days Kumrat Valley Tour Package
4 days Kumrat & Jahaz Banda Tour Package
days Neelum Valley & Taobutt Kashmir Package
5 days Hunza & Naltar Valley Tour Package

5 days Fairy Meadows Tour Package

6 days Skardu Valley Tour Package
7 days Skardu Valley Tour Package
8 days Skardu & Hunza Valley Tour Package

The benefit of travelling with a Private Tour Package

Private tours offer more freedom, privacy, and flexibility with customization with one’s budget and schedule. Here are some significant advantages of choosing private tours:

  • Customization
  • Flexibility
  • Personalized Attention
  • Intimate Experience
  • Enhanced Comfort
  • Efficient Use of Time
  • Deeper Insights
  • Special Access
  • Peace and Privacy
  • Safety and Security
  • Solo Traveler Friendly
  • Quality Control

Private Tour Packages

Here are some most popular private and family tour packages

2 days Shogran & Sri Paye Tour Package

2 days Swat Malam Jabba Tour Package

3 days Naran Kaghan Tour Package
3 days Swat, Kalam & Mallam Jabba Tour Package

4 days Swat, Kalam Tour Package

5 days Swat, Kalam & Mahodand Lake Tour
3 days Neelum Valley Kashmir Tour Package
4 days Shogran & Naran Tour Package
4 days Neelum Valley & Taobutt Kashmir Package
5 days Hunza & Naltar Valley Tour Package

5 days Hunza by air tour package
4 days Hunza by air tour Package
4 days Skardu by Air Tour Package
5 days Skardu by Air Tour Package
6 days Hunza & Hopper by Road Tour
6 days Hunza & Naltar Valley Tour Package
7 days Hunza & Kashmir Tour Package
7 days Hunza & Swat Tour Package

7 days Hunza & Fairy Meadows tour package
6 days Skardu by air Tour Package
7 days Skardu Valley Tour Package
8 days Skardu & Hunza Valley Tour Package
8 days Skardu & Hunza by Air Tour Package

9 days Hunza & Swat, Kalam tour package 
10 days Skardu & Hunza by Road Tour Package

Tour package inclusion can vary significantly depending on the destination and type of tour. Additionally, we offer customized and tailor-made tour packages where you can book the tour at your preferences. However, here’s a general outline of what is typically included in a tour package:

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Guided Tours and Activities
  • Entrance Fees and Permits
  • Professional Guides
  • Itinerary Planning
  • Visa Assistance
  • Special Inclusions
  • Airport Transfer

Some More Locations of the Northern Areas of Pakistan

The following are some of the important attractions in Pakistan’s northern territories that tourists should see. Other than these locations, there are several more places to visit in Pakistan to remember it. Some beautiful places in Pakistan are:

  • Naltar Lakes
  • Ratti Gali Lake
  • Siri Paye Meadows
  • Babusar Top
  • Khunjerab Pass (Pak-China Border)
  • Eagle Nest View Point (Duiker Top Hunza)
  • World Highest Cold Desert Skardu
  • Blind Lake Skardu
  • Sadpara Lake Skardu
  • Saifullah Lake Kalam
  • Jahaz Banda Upper Dir
  • Shandur Pass & Lake

Travel Tips for Northern Area Tour Packages 2024

Following are the some travel tips which you should follow while visiting to Pakistan Northern Area Tour Packages

What to Take & Packing Check List

  1. One of the common mistakes people make is bringing too much stuff along the way. So take less to avoid the nuisance of packing them back.
  2. While traveling to Pakistan, you should follow the values and traditions of the country to avoid any unwanted things. We suggest especially females wearing headscarves with long-sleeved shirts and loose-fitting ankle-length pants or skirts while traveling in the Pakistan Northern Areas.
  3. Must bring the items as follows:
    Fleece jacket or warm jumper
    Waterproof jacket
    Warm full sleeves jacket
    Sports sandals & boots/joggers shoes
    Scarf or buff
    Warm & sunhat
    Gloves or mittens
    Small daypack or small bag to carry daily items
    Sun protection
    Small water bottles 1 liter (x2) (recommended disposable rather than re-filling)
    Basic First Aid Kit including antiseptics, throat lozenges, diarrhea treatment (Imodium), altitude (Diamox), painkillers, etc.

Packing Checklist

  • Socks
  • Spare laces
  • Sleeping trousers
  • Underwear
  • Baselayer shirts
  • Shirts or T-shirts
  • Thermal underwear
  • Insect repellant
  • Washbag and toiletries
  • Sleeping bag liner
  • Travel clothes
  • Small towel
  • Camera
  • Antibacterial handwash

Security & Safety

Generally, Pakistani people are among the most friendly and hospitable people in the world. But similar to the rest of the world, all major cities have their share of petty crime. But in Gilgit Baltistan, especially Hunza valley crime ratio is as nominal as nothing. But yet, it is better to take precautions measures while traveling. Carrying expensive items will draw attention to you, so the best is to leave them back in the hotel. We recommend carrying a copy of your passport with details pages. Use the taxi during your travel in the cities, rather than walking around the streets. Inform the group leader/tour guide before going outside the hotel.


From mid-May to the mid of September, temperatures in the Hunza & Skardu Valleys reach as high as 30°C, and in the winter season, it plumbed into till mines °C. If the weather is clear, it’s likely to be warm during the day and cool in the evenings above 3000 meters. Pakistan’s weather is generally fairly predictable and reliable. However, the weather in mountainous areas can be difficult to predict, and short-lived storms/rain can occur at any time of the year.

Baggage Allowance

“Click Pakistan” suggests the least baggage with avoiding unnecessary items. Your luggage should not be more than 10 kg with a 5 kg backpack. Keep mandatory items in a backpack during an excursion and the rest of the baggage left in the hotel.

Travel Insurance

A valid travel insurance policy is essential to joining the tour package to cover the cost of medical treatment and protect your holiday’s value. When purchasing your Insurance cover, you must check the full extent of your policy. In the event of a medical emergency, you want to receive appropriate medical treatment. Therefore, your policy should include all types of cover, and you should be aware of exactly what activities your policy covers you for. At Click Pakistan Tourism Services, we believe your safety and holiday enjoyment are very important.

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