Naran Kaghan Tour Packages 2024 - 2025

Best Naran, Kaghan Tour Packages 2024 Affordable Naran Kaghan Honeymoon Tour Packages by Click Pakistan Tourism Services” Book Best Naran Kaghan tour Packages 2024 with Click Pakistan Tourism Service and enjoy the stunning beauty of Naran valley. Naran is among the top-visited attraction of the North and possesses breathtaking views of the natural landscape. Thousand of tourists choose to visit Naran Kaghan valley every year. Explore the valley with the best tourism company with the cheapest rate and non-compromised services.

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List of the Best Naran Kaghan Tour Packages 2024

Naran Honeymoon Tour3
Naran Kaghan & Shogran Honeymoon Tour3
Naran & Shogran Siri Paye Honeymoon Tour4
Naran & Shogran Siri Paye Honeymoon Tour5
Naran & Kashmir Tour Package7

Explore Places During Naran Kaghan Tour Package 2024

Naran Kaghan Tour is one of the most incredible road excursions in Northern Pakistan, with breathtaking views and a natural landscape. Kaghan Valley is conveniently accessible and has one of the most beautiful and exciting tourist destinations in its region. Rafting is a popular sport on these waterways, which includes white-water rafting.

Click Pakistan offers various honeymoon tour packages at low prices to our valued clients. We give travelers the most secure, trustworthy, and extravagant vacation deals at the breathtaking Naran Kaghan.

Naran Valley is one of the most beautiful parts of Pakistan’s northern areas, elevated 2500 meters above sea level. Naran Kaghan tour has always been a top favorite for nature lovers and tourists all over the world. This medium-sized town situated in the upper Kaghan Valley in the Mansehra district is a part of the KPK province of Pakistan. It is one of the most beautiful parts of northern areas in Pakistan that attract hundreds of thousands of tourists yearly. Naran is one of the tourist points that beautifully captures a lot of people towards itself. It has been made a famous resort for tourists, trekkers, and adventurers.

Top Tourist Attractions in Naran Kaghan Tour

Naran Kaghan valleys’ landscape, which features lush green meadows, sky-high mountains, and clear lakes with freshwaters, attracts thousands of tourists, national and international every year. Here are some of the most popular places in Naran Kaghan. 

  • Shogran Valley
  • Siri Paye Meadows
  • Lalazar Meadows
  • Saif ul Malook Lake
  • Lulusar Lake
  • Batakundi
  • Dudipatsar Lake
  • Babusar Top
  • Ansoo Lake
  • Pyala Lake
  • Kunhar River

Shogran Valley – Naran Kaghan Tour Package

Shogran is located 34 kilometers from Balakot. The road from Islamabad to Kiwai is paved and extends 212 kilometers. You can ride a jeep, or horse or hike to several beautiful locations such as Siri, Paye, and Makra Peak from Shogran. Hotels and resorts are available at reasonable rates in the valley. Mobile phone services are also available, including those provided by Telenor and Mobilink. The people are kind and peaceful. It is wheelchair accessible during the summer months. The beauty of Shogran valley will appeal to anybody who enjoys a stroll, unwinding in the shade of a tree by a stream or lake surrounded by contrasting shades of green. The variety and quantity of animals found here make it ideal for families with children. It’s easy to spend hours strolling through these forests.

Sri Paye Meadows – Naran Kaghan Tour

Sri Paye Meadows, one of Pakistan’s most lovely and picturesque locations, is a haven for nature lovers. The flowers bloom in the springtime, and these colorful creatures are stunning against the white backdrop of Makra Peak. This small village is simply fantastic for a weekend getaway or a full-fledged trip from your hectic schedule. Sri Paye provides the excursion, which merely adds to the joy and excitement of your day. Moreover, the location allows you to enjoy fresh and cool weather among warm locals in the summer. 

You will remember that majesty and beauty for a long time after seeing this magnificent location that takes you to another world once you walk through this lovely and vibrant hideout, which has plenty of thrilling activities and spectacular walks for tourists. There is so much to discover about this breathtaking Pakistan sanctuary that words will not be enough to convey its absolute majesty.

Lalazar – Naran Kaghan Tour

Lalazar is an excellent spot to visit on the Naran Kaghan trip. It is located in Beautiful Kaghan Valley and is the second most popular tourist destination while seeing Naran (after Saiful Muluk). Lalazar is on the other side of Lake Saiful Muluk, high up over the mountain. A lovely perspective of the valley lies below a vast green plateau. The trek, which begins at the deadliest road on a Jeep with several turns and twists, may be accessed via the most toxic track on foot. For hikers, there is also a 5-hour trek along a mountain pass from Lake Saiful Muluk to find out more about it.

Saif ul Malook – Naran Kaghan Tour

It is impossible for a tourist to plan the Naran Kaghan tour and not add Lake Saif ul Malook to the visit. Because Lake Saif ul Malook is the main point of interest in Naran Kaghan excursions. Lake Saif ul Malook, which sits in the shade of Malika Parbat, the tallest peak in Naran Kaghan, and is 10577 feet above sea level, is the most popular travel destination. The fairy tales about it become more believable as a result of the snow-capped mountains surrounding it.

Lulusar Lake – Naran Kaghan Tour 

The beautiful blue water lake is located approximately 48 kilometers from Naran’s main market and takes 1.5 hours by car to reach there. Lulusar Lake may be reached by any vehicle, and it takes about an hour and a half to get there. Lulusar is a popular sightseeing point for tourists in the Kaghan Valley while going to Babusar Top. There are no hotels yet to stay near Lulusir, but Naran does have several hotels. You may visit Lulusar Lake from Naran as a base camp.

Batakunid – Naran Kaghan Tour

Batakundi is a small village en route to Babusar Top. It is located at an elevation of 2,624 meters or 8607 feet above sea level. It is situated only 16 kilometers away from Naran. All types of hotels and resorts are available to stay in Batakundi. 

Dudipatsar Lake – Naran Kaghan Tour

Reaching Dudipatsar Lake, a small road from Besal passes through narrow rocky passageways and deep valleys to the Dudipat Sar, the queen of lakes. There is a 13 km from Besal to Dodipatsar that takes up to six hours. Some sections of the journey may have to be covered on ice. Dudiptsar is a lovely blue lake encircled by snow-capped mountains. Another stunning lake sheltered by snowy heights.

Ansoo Lake – Naran Kaghan Tour

The tumbling beauty of the lake was once a favorite destination for visitors to the Naran Kagan Tour. The lake is known as Ansoo Lake, which means “lake of tears,” It is situated 4250 meters above sea level near Malika Parbat, the massive Himalayan peak.

A three-and-a-half-hour trek from the Saif ul Malook Lake takes you to the lovely and picturesque Dudipatsar Lake. As a result, on any trip around Naran Kaghan, you must pause at least once to admire this one of the highest lakes in the stunning highlands of the Himalayas. 

Payala Lake – Naran Kaghan Tour 

Another stunning lake you won’t want to miss on the Naran Kaghan tour is Payala Lake. The fascinating thing about this lake is that it is entirely circular and looks like a “Pyala” (Bowl). 

Babusar Top – Naran Kaghan Tour

Babusar Top is the most popular destination on the Naran Kaghan excursion. It connects KPK and Gilgit Baltistan, surrounded by numerous attractions such as green and white mountains, plains, and streams. In the Naran Kaghan tour, Babusar Top is a must-see location.

Kunhar River- Naran Kaghan Tour

The Kunhar River is a 166 kilometers (103 miles) long river that runs through the northern Pakistan province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It’s in the Indus River basin and drains into it. It enhances the beauty of your traveling alongside the road. Many small restaurants and food stalls are available on the bank of Kunhar River, where you can enjoy delicious food and fresh fish.  After Swatis arrived in Hazara, some people claim that this river was renamed because they were initially from Kunar, Afghanistan.

Naran Kaghan Tour Packages in March

Naran Kaghan tour gets reduced in March due to heavy snowfall and some areas’ road blockage. But it is observed that people are so excited to plan their time to see snowfall. Although one can not explore the complete Naran region in March, some areas of Kaghan are yet open in March, and tourists plan to visit the place during this month.

Naran Kaghan Tour Packages in April

In April, the Naran valley experiences a higher degree of temperature. It has a maximum temperature of 15°C and a minimum temperature of 5°C. Typically, it has an average temperature of 10°C. For Naran Kaghan tours, April is the opening month. So be among the first to try out this offer for Pakistan travel.

Naran Kaghan Tour Packages in May

Most of the Naran Kaghan tour locations are accessible during the month of May when most travelers are snowed during the winter. During this month, the temperature remains at 14 degrees Celsius and a minimum and maximum of 9 and 19 degrees Celsius. Naran has, on average, 14 degrees Fahrenheit this month. The majority of tourists start visiting Naran Kaghan tours in May.

Naran Kaghan Tour Packages in June

During June month, it’s somewhat warmer than in other months, with an average temperature of 19 degrees. The maximum and minimum temperatures are 24 and 13 degrees Celsius, respectively. It is when Naran Kaghan’s trips begin to peak in popularity. Because of the intense heat in all other Pakistan areas, a trip to Naran Kaghan in June is trendy among holidaymakers.

Naran Kaghan Tour Packages in July

July is considered the warmest month in the valley of Naran all year. It reaches a high of 25 degrees Celsius with a low of 14 degrees, on average. Temperatures are also reasonable throughout the year, with 20 degrees Fahrenheit on average. During July and August, tours to Naran Kaghan are more accessible.

Naran Kaghan Tour Packages in August

In August, the valley drops another seven degrees. It has a minimum of 14 degrees and a maximum of 24 degrees, on average. On the other hand, it has an average temperature of 19 degrees Celsius. As a result, the visitors have a decreased interest in visiting Naran Kaghan at the end of August.

How is September for Naran Kaghan Tours?

It usually signals the transition from summer to fall in Pakistan’s northern regions. It reduces the temperature to a low of 10 degrees Fahrenheit and a high of 21 degrees Fahrenheit, like in the Naran Valley. On average, it rises 16 degrees Celsius as September sees a decrease in Naran Kaghan tours. So you can say it is the ending month after peak season. 

Naran Kaghan Tours during October

October is the last month of a visit to Naran valley. During the first half of the month, the valley perhaps remains open to visitors. But the other half of October is getting close when Babusar Top and highways get inaccessible due to heavy snowfall. However, during October, temperatures range from 6 degrees to 17 degrees Fahrenheit. So this month has an average temperature of approximately 11 degrees Celsius. 

Naran Kaghan Tours In November 

Naran Kaghan Tours almost are closed in November. Temperatures may fall below freezing at night, reaching 0 degrees at the absolute least. The peak is around 8°C, with an average temperature of 4°C. November brings colder temperatures to the Naran Valley and keeps it inaccessible for Naran Kaghan tours until March.

Naran Valley Becomes The Basecamp For Naran Kaghan Tours

Beautiful Naran Valley has a unique landscape, pleasant weather, and dense greenery. The road leading to Naran Kaghan is comparatively much better than other locations. During Naran Kaghan tour, the route to the valley has stunning views of the river Kunhar and provides an eye-catching view.

The Naran Kaghan Tour is popular among friends, families, and couples. It’s the most well-known spot in Pakistan’s northern regions, with the most up-to-date facilities and hotels. Visitors from Pakistan and other countries visit this breathtaking valley every year with Click Pakistan Tourism Services tour packages.

The valley is located in the enormous Pakistani Himalayan range. One of Pakistan’s major mountain ranges, the Himalayas, extends across five nations: Nepal, Bhutan, China, India, and Pakistan. Click Pakistan Tours provides some of the best travel Naran Kaghan tours offer some of the most spectacular excursions and treks in Pakistan. Furthermore, Naran Valley is the halfway point for people heading to Hunza or Skardu who spend the night there. We provide the best Naran Kaghan tour packages in 2023 for both domestic and international tourists. 

Adventures in Naran Kaghan Tour Packages

Naran Kaghan is well-known among adventure travelers because of its terrain, ideal for trekking, mountaineering, and hiking. In addition, the beautiful scenery of the Kunhar River may be seen by nature enthusiasts, and if you like fishing, there’s even a Naran Kaghan tour dedicated to it.

Some of the sites may also be reached on foot. The following are some of the hiking attractions available in the region:

Lake Saif ul Malook

Siri Paye Meadows

Besal & Jharkhand

In conclusion, the Naran Kaghan excursion provides you with a lot of pleasure whether you are on your own or with your family and friends. So, what do you have to lose? Make a reservation for the Naran Kaghan trip of your choice right away.

Quality & Standard of our Naran Kaghan Tour 

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As a result, with the exceptional tour services in Pakistan, we are the only company to have earned local and foreign visitors’ confidence for our exquisite Naran Kaghan holiday packages.

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We rate ourselves as the best travel agency for the Naran Kaghan honeymoon tour packages throughout Pakistan because of our new vehicles, hotels, travel assistance, and security. We provide economy to luxury tours to our customers on our Naran Kaghan trip. We guarantee that our client’s demands are met at any cost.

How to Book Naran Kaghan tour Package, 2024 with us?

Our Naran Kaghan tour packages cover all top destinations such as Lake Saif ul Malook, Shogran, Ansu Lake, Batakundi, Besal, and Babusar Top. In addition, if you want to experience a lifetime Naran Kaghan tour, check out our regular Naran Kaghan Honeymoon tour packages, Group tours, and a family trip to Naran Kaghan. If you want to customize Naran Kaghan Trip according to your budget and travel schedule, contact us call/WhatsApp at +923 111 123 133. Our professional and knowledgeable tour guides are available 24/7. 

Naran Kaghan Weather

Naran Kaghan Valley’s temperature is rising every passing day, and the Valley is reachable from June to September. The average annual temperature of the valley is 10.1 °C.

Naran Kaghan’s weather remains very fresh and pleasant in the months when other parts of the country get sweltering weather.

The snow on the tops of the mountains never melts, even in June and July. Many mountains remain covered with snow for the whole year. Hotels in Naran Kaghan are easily available at very economical rates and can be booked online or even by phone calls. The ideal time to visit Naran Kaghan valley is from June to September, but the people who love to enjoy live snow falling can visit in April and May.

Saiful Malook Lake Weather 

 Lake Saiful Malook is situated at an altitude of 10,580 feet above sea level and is the most magnificent lake in the valley. Lake Saiful Malook is 9.2 km far from the main town of Naran valley, and its weather is also very pleasing and relaxed, like Naran Kaghan Valley.

Babusar Top weather, Babusar Pass height

Babusar Top is the highest point, situated at an altitude of 13,750 feet at the borderline of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit Baltistan provinces of Pakistan, connecting with Chillas Karakoram Highway (KKH). The road to Babusar pass is fully carpeted and useable for small and medium-type vehicles. The way to Babusar top keeps fantastic scenes on both sides of the road. The weather is an icy breeze, even in the hot summer season.

Naran Kaghan Tour package is also the favorite among families, especially in summer vacations. The road to Naran valley travels alongside River Kunhar, which starts from the glaciers of Kaghan and flows deep down in Mansehra. It is worth sightseeing all the time on the journey—newlywed couples dream of having Naran Kaghan’s honeymoon trip in their schedule. However, the local languages of the valley are related to Hindko and Gojri. But every individual over there can speak and understand Urdu.

Naran Kaghan Tour Places to Visit

Naran Kaghan tour places, like Lake Saiful Malook, Lulusar Lake, Lalazar & Babusar pass, are the most visited places. Naran Kaghan tour is considered one of the best Pakistan tours in northern Pakistan. Naran Valley locals are very generous, good-natured, and supportive and always warmly welcome tourists. Local people earn money by providing tourism services to tourists as tour guides, rest house managers, shopkeepers, restaurant workers, and jeep drivers, some of them also grow crops, and some are shepherds.

After the government focuses on improving Pakistan’s tourism industry, many investors and other companies are willing to invest in these areas. Roads, hotels, and other infrastructure are being constructed speedily. A trip to Naran Kaghan is a dream of every beauty and nature lover who belongs to wherever globally. Naran Kaghan tour 2023 is becoming one of the most favorite trips of Northern areas.

What Should I Bring from Naran Kaghan? Handicrafts of the Valley

What should I bring from Naran Kaghan? It is a ubiquitous question that every tourist thinks of. Though the primary source of local people’s income is to provide tourism services to tourists, the Naran valley is famous for its Handicrafts. Nomads are the famous Handicraft of Naran. Woolen felt rugs, woolen shawls, embroidered shawls, and shirts are also available to attract foreigners.

Naran Kaghan tour information

There is also a small bazaar-like Murree mall road in the Naran Valley. The necessities of life are readily available there. Cellular networks work fine in the main town, but signals may get lost when out of the city towards Babusar pass. Mobile shops, bakeries, general stores, tailors, and barbers are available in the main mall road Bazar. There is no issue regarding basic needs items there in the valley. It has more than 150 hotels of various types ranging from high-end luxury hotels to very low-priced motels.

Naran Kaghan Map

In the following Naran Kaghan map, you can see all the famous Naran Kaghan tourist places.

Note: Best visit time to Naran, Kaghan Valley is between June to September

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Frequently Ask Question About Naran Kaghan Tour Packages

What is the best time to visit Naran Kaghan?

The best time to visit these places is from June to September. Kaghan Valley can be reached from the start of April, but for a visit to Naran valley and its surrounding locations, the best time starts from mid-May or June to September. However, tourists who enjoy snowfall can visit Shogran valley during winter.

Is Naran Kaghan open?

The beautiful Kaghan valley opens for tourists at the start of April, and maybe some areas will be covered with snow. However, all roads are normally open and can be traveled easily. Hotels and other hospitality services can be enjoyed and available at that time. However, Naran valley opens in the mid of May or the start of June to September.

How can I visit Naran Kaghan?

The beautiful valley is located in the Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and is safe for even families. Naran is around 5 hours from Islamabad, with beautiful landscape scenery; both sides of the roads start from Balakot. Go to Naran Kaghan Valley from Islamabad; there are two ways, use the local bus or the Daewoo bus service from Rawalpindi. But we recommend if you choose public transport, then use the Daewoo bus service. It is quite comfortable and air-conditioned, and the fare is reasonable.

How far is Naran Kaghan from Islamabad?

Naran is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Pakistan. It is located around 220 kilometers from Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, and 25 km from Kaghan Valley.