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Are you looking for the best Hunza tour packages 2024? If you are planning a romantic honeymoon tour package in the Northern areas of Pakistan, then we recommend you book the Hunza tour package right now. We try our best to provide excellent services to our customers.

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List of the Famous Hunza Tour Packages from Pakistan 2024

Best Trip to Hunza From Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad – Contact US Now

Please check the list of our hot selling Hunza Tour Packages. These tours are suitable for couples, families, cooperate and private tours. Fee free to ask any question or any customization.

Hunza By Air Tour 4 Days 3 Nights110,000/-
Hunza Honeymoon Tour 5 Days 4 Nights130,000/-
Hunza & Naltar Honeymoon Tour by Air5 Days 4 Nights130,000/-
Hunza & Nagar Tour 6 Days 5 Nights140,000/-
Hunza & Naltar Valley Tour6 Days 5 Nights143,000/-
Hunza & Kashmir Tour 7 Days 6 Nights167,000/-
Hunza & Swat Tour7 Days 6 Nights177,000/-
Hunza, Hopper & Naltar Valley Tour7 Days 6 Nights170,000/-
Hunza & Fairy Meadows Tour7 Days 6 Nights185,000/-
Hunza & Sakrdu Honeymoon Tour8 Days 7 Nights187,000/-
Hunza & Swat Valley 9 Days 8 Nights177,000/-
Luxus Hunza Tour 4 Days 3 Nights325,000/-
Darbar Hunza Tour4 Days 3 Nights265,000/-
Famree Resort Hunza Tour5 Days 4 Nights270,000/-
Cherry Blossom Hunza Tour7 Days 6 Nights220,000/-

Hunza Tour Packages for Couple 2024 – Hunza Valley Honeymoon Tour

Hunza Honeymoon Packages We are thrilled to announce the unveiling of our Hunza honeymoon packages for 2024, now available on our website. We understand the significance of your honeymoon and strive to make it truly special. 

Our Hunza Valley Tour packages include a warm welcome with a beautiful flower bouquet, room decorations to set the romantic ambiance, and cinematic videography to capture every precious moment. 

Additionally, we now offer destination photoshoots for pre-wedding and post-wedding events in the stunning landscapes of Hunza Valley. Our Hunza honeymoon tours are designed as exclusive packages, and we invite you to inquire about additional amenities when booking your tour.

Hunza Valley TourBy Air4 Days 3 Nights105,000/-
Hunza & Naltar Honeymoon Tour By Air5 Days 4 Nights125,000/-
Hunza & Naltar Valley TourBy Road6 Days 5 Nights138,000/-
Hunza & Kashmir Tour By Road7 Days 6 Nights162,000/-
Hunza & Swat TourBy Road7 Days 6 Nights172,000/-
Hunza & Fairy Meadows TourBy Road7 Days 6 Nights180,000/-
Hunza & Sakrdu Honeymoon TourBy Road8 Days 7 Nights182,000/-
Hunza & Swat Valley By Road9 Days 8 Nights172,000/-
Luxus Hunza Tour By Air4 Days 3 Nights320,000/-
Darbar Hunza TourBy Air4 Days 3 Nights260,000/-
Famree Resort Hunza TourBy Air5 Days 4 Nights265,000/-
Cherry Blossom Hunza TourBy Road7 Days 6 Nights215,000/-

Hunza Tour Packages for Family 2024

Hunza Family Tour Experience the wonders of Hunza with our exclusive family tours, now available at highly competitive prices. Our dedicated Hunza tour guides will ensure all arrangements are tailored to your family’s requirements.

The well-being of children and females in your family is our utmost priority. Our tour destinations are carefully selected, considering important factors such as security, reliable transportation, quality food, and comfortable accommodations. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity! Join our family tours of Hunza Valley and create unforgettable memories with the Click Pakistan Tourism Services.

Explore Best Hunza Tour Package for Family 2024

Places to Visit in Hunza Tour Packages 2024 – Top Attractions of Hunza Valley Tour

Hunza Tour Packages provide an opportunity to explore a wide range of attractions that include lakes surrounded by glaciers, including Khunjerab Lake, Passu Cones, Shispar Bridge, Baltit Fort, Altit Fort, and many other places. Some most famous sites in Hunza valley are listed below.

Karimabad Bazar Hunza 

karimabad bazr hunza

The old town of Karimabad is a must-see for anyone who visits the Hunza Valley. The cobbled streets are lined with shops selling local products, which you can support by purchasing handmade items.

Altit Fort Hunza Valley

altit fort hunza valley

Altit is the main village in Hunza valley. The Altit Fort, built by King Ali Khan of Hunza, dominates the hilltop above this small town which served as a summer palace for several generations of rulers. It provides an excellent vantage point to see most surrounding areas, including Karimabad and Baltistan’s Shigar Valley.

Baltit Fort Karimabad Hunza 

baltit fort hunza

Baltit Fort is a historical cum majestic landmark where you can have fun exploring its beauty and culture. This fort has a vital role in the tourist industry because it attracts many foreign travelers to experience years of civilization and incredible natural beauty.

Baltit Fort Hunza Valley is also the best place to spend leisure time for your honeymoon tour. Baltit Fort’s history is closely related to the history of Hunza. It was built in the 13th century by the ruling family Karakorum for protection against any external attack.

Attabad Lake 

attaabad lake hunza

Attabad Lake is a stunning turquoise lake in Gilgit-Baltistan. During spring and early summer, it has chilly waters when meltwater from its surrounding mountains deposits glacial silt into it to make it even more beautiful. In winter, you will find Attabad lake frozen, and even in this state, it has a unique view and attracts visitors This incredible natural phenomenon deserves all types of visits, whether they’re looking for some ice fishing action or just wanting peaceful scenery as their backdrop while hiking around these parts.

Attabad Lake History

Attabad Lake is one of the best sights of Hunza Valley. It was created by a landslide that blocked the flow of the Hunza River. This lake got its name from this natural calamity that happened in 2010. At first, the area where it came to an end was called Attabad village and then changed into “Lake Attabad”. This landslide blocked the flow of the Hunza River, and then it started to fill in, raising the water level.

Activities at Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake is a stunning destination with unmatched beauty. Anyone who visits the lake first time falls in wonder see its view and beauty. The magnificent views of the lake are sure to provide breathtaking scenery and offer many fun activities like boating, jet skiing, and fishing to make your trip even more memorable.

Hotels at Attabad lake 

hotels at attabad lake

This tragedy has been a godsend for the local people area. After becoming Attabad lake’s world-class tourist destination, too many hotels and resorts came to exist. All types of hotels are available with a fantastic view and reasonable prices. The list of some of them is as below.

  1. Pearl Continental Hotel (Under Construction)
  2. Luxus Attabad Resort
  3. Famree Resort Hunza
  4. Horizon Resort Attabad Lake
  5. Sapphire Hotel Attabad Lake

Distance from Hunza to Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake is about 30 KM away from the east of Karimabad, the capital of the Hunza, and will take a half-hour to reach there.

Duiker Eagle Nest 

Duiker “Eagle nest” is located in Altit with its elevation near 10000 feet. The village offers panoramic views of the 8th Wonder of the world, Karakoram high Way, and other snow-covered peaks. Hiking to Eagle Nest adds unease to your trip, but it will make it worth visiting when you reach this intimate destination for sunset or sunrise over these stunning mountains.

Passu Cones 

passu cones hunza

Located on 30 munites drive from Attaabad Lake, Passu cones is the most scenic and beautiful tourist destination in Hunza Valley. The serrated peaks of this pass are very alluring with their simple beauty that can’t be matched anywhere else in the world. It has effortless access via car or bus service from the Capital of Karimabad. Pass Cones offers visitors everything they need for not just one but many days’ worth of adventures.

Hussaini Suspension Bridge

hussaini suspension bridge

Hussaini suspension bridge is located very next to Passu Hunza. This dangerous and splendid bridge has a perilously narrow crossing over it on its trekking route from 40 minutes away at Passu village in Gilgit Baltistan. However, it can be safely accessed by anyone who would like to challenge themselves with such an adventurous feat. 

The number of steps required for this journey: is approximately 400-500 more or less depending upon your hiking abilities, but when you get there, all that awaits are lush forest views as well as some breathtaking scenery, including towering mountain ranges while listening carefully enough not only hear nature herself speak through sounds generated.

Nagar Valley- Hunza

nagar valley hunza

The beautiful Nagar valley of Hunza is an attraction for many tourists with its breathtaking scenery. From any point in the region, a view includes four 7,000 m high mountains – Rakaposhi, Diran Golden & Ultra Peak- which make it unique among other valleys around Pakistan. 

The delicious fruit trees and terraced fields can also be seen throughout this area. It has been an important state, able to maintain its independence from Hunza despite being surrounded by numerous other villages and towns in that region. The main town for this area sits opposite Karimabad across from River Hunza, where Bar, Jaffarabad, Husanabad, Sikandarabad, Nilt, and Ghulmit are the central village in Nagar.

Gulmit Upper Hunza (Gojal) 

A peaceful place to escape from the world, Gulmit is an oasis of fertility and orchids. A small village at a breathtaking scenic point in Hunza valley with views over snow-capped mountains up towards the Karakorum has been noted to be 2500 meters above sea level, making for some exciting activities such as hiking and camping.

Gulmit has fertile land with irrigated fields growing maize, wheat, and potatoes beside the orchids of Apricots, Apples, Walnuts, and peaches. One can spend time walking in this beautiful paradise that has been carved out from nature for everyone to enjoy without worrying about life’s worries like money or family trouble.

Khunjrab Pass (Pak-China Border)

khunjrab pass

The Khunjrab Pass is a high mountain pass located on the border of Pakistan and China and has become a tourists attraction from the Pakistan side. 

Thousands of tourists go to visit the place every month. However, during the winter months, it gets closed due to heavy snowfall. Because there isn’t enough room for vehicles inside and trucks trying not to slip down any slopes while driving through such conditions, making these places are very dangerous, making them only accessible during summertime.

Naltar Valley & Lakes 

naltar lake

Naltar Valley is known for its gorgeousness and brightly colored lakes. It is the most popular destination for tourists along the Silk Road, KKH (Karakorum Highway), and now CEPC (China-Pakistan economic corridor).

Naltar Valley is located northwest of Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan region, known as “The Doorway of the World” and “The Township of the mountains.” It is 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Gilgit city across a vast valley. It is called “The Sleeping Beauty of the Pacific.” 

It’s said to be a true paradise. That is why over 50,000 tourists come to see its beauty and enjoy their summer vacation season every year. Each year, throughout the winter season, which runs from the first of January to the end of February.

Hunza River

Hunza River’s history lies with the Karakoram Range. This river flows through different countries like China, Afghanistan, and Pakistan before ending in the Arabian sea.

 Hunza River is the main river in Hunza. The natural beauty of this region is full of greenery, lush green mountains, and beautiful lakes that make it one of the best honeymoon destinations in Pakistan.

Hunza River passes through several snow-capped mountains, and one can enjoy different activities like paragliding, mountaineering, trekking, kayaking, and fishing on the banks of this river.

Why You Book Hunza Tour Packages With US? 

In the following, there are the best reasons to book a Hunza tour package with Click Pakistan Tourism Services:

why you book hunza tour packages with click pakistan tourism services

1. No. 1 Travel Destination: According to Conde Nast Traveller, a famous US-based travel magazine, Hunza Valley was named Pakistan’s top destination in 2020.

2. Breathtaking Scenery: Hunza Valley is famous for its amazing natural beauty. It has towering snow-capped mountains, crystal-clear rivers, and lush green valleys. Every corner of Hunza Valley provides mesmerizing moments with your loved ones.

3. Rich Culture and History: Hunza Valley and its people have a unique culture dating back thousands of years. This heavenly valley is a combination of ancient forts and traditional villages, which are attractive to tourists from all over the world.

4. Adventure Opportunities:
If you’re an outdoor adventure or trekking lover, then Hunza Valley is your best choice.

5. Warm Hospitality: Hunza people are famous for their kindness and generosity. You will experience that the local people warmly welcome you with open arms, offering you traditional meals and comfortable accommodation.

6. Unique Culinary Delights: Hunza Valley doesn’t only have breathtaking landscapes but also delicious cuisine. Some of its famous traditional dishes are Chapshuro, Apricot juice, Walnut cake, and Hunza pie with fresh fruit.”

Important Historical Facts of Hunza Valley: Why You Book Hunza Valley Tour Package?

If you don’t travel to Hunza Valley, you cannot realize the natural beauty of Hunza Valley. Hunza Valley is the most beautiful valley in Pakistan which is 70 miles away from Gilgit Baltistan. Some of the facts about the Hunza Valley are given below.

√ Peak road curves make it the most beautiful way in the world

√ Fruit-laden trees spread an extraordinary aroma

√ Unusual spring season when Hunza is fully loaded with different colors of flowers and fruits

If you’re a newlywed couple and want to have an unforgettable honeymoon instead of a lifetime of regret, avail our Hunza Tour Packages. It is the best choice to experience World fame tourist attractions with kind-hearted local people. Hunza tour packages are designed to cover all your needs and ensure nothing goes wrong on your big day. We offer tour packages for singles and couples alike.

No need to worry about getting a Hunza Tour! Leave this on us our Hunza Tour Guide.

Are you planning to visit the valley and concerned about being misled during your trip to Hunza? Well, leave it to our professionally trained Hunza tour guide. Our expert Hunza tour guide commits to delivering the most incredible experience of your life. Click Pakistan Tourism Service designed a variety of Hunza Tour Packages at the economically best prices with excellent services.

Hunza valley famous items

Gilgit Hunza Tour Plan (Tentative Itinerary)

  • Pick up guests from Lahore and Islamabad, commence journey towards Besham.
  • Stop for breakfast at Besham, then continue on the Karakoram Highway (KKH) towards Chilas, with sightseeing stopovers along the route. Dinner and overnight stay in Chilas.
  • After breakfast, travel towards Hunza Valley via the Karakoram Highway, with stopovers at Rakaposhi viewpoint and Nanga Parbat viewpoint.
  • Arrive in Hunza Valley around 2:00 pm, check into the hotel, and take some rest. Visit Altit Fort and Baltit Fort for presentations. Enjoy free time until dinner. Overnight stay in Hunza.
  • After breakfast, journey towards Hunza Valley via the Karakoram Highway.
  • Stop at Rakaposhi viewpoint and Nanga Parbat viewpoint for sightseeing.
  • Arrive in Hunza Valley around 2:00 pm, check into hotel, and relax.
  • Visit Altit Fort and Baltit Fort.
  • Free time until dinner.
  • Overnight stay in Hunza.
  • After breakfast, depart for Naltar village & Lakes (optional).
  • Reach Naltar village and proceed towards Naltar Lakes (guests may hire local jeep if necessary, cost not included).
  • Enjoy quality time for sightseeing and photography in Naltar Valley & lakes.
  • Depart for Besham.
  • Reach Besham, check into the hotel.
  • Dinner and overnight stay in Besham.

*Note: From October to May, Naran-Babusar Pass route may be closed due to heavy snowfall; in such cases, we will travel via the Besham KKH route.

  • Breakfast and prepare for return journey to Islamabad/Lahore.
  • Make stopovers along the way for sightseeing or refreshments.
  • Arrival in Islamabad around 7:00 PM and Lahore at 11:55 PM.
  • End of services.
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