Best Hunza Tour Packges 2023

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Gilgit Hunza Tour Packages 2023

List of the Best Hunza Tour Packages 2023

Hunza & Attabad Lake Tour5
Hunza & Hoper Valley Tour 6
Hunza & Naltar Honeymoon Tour 6
Hunza & Fairy Meadows Tour 7
Hunza, Hoper & Naltar Tour 7
Hunza, Khunjrab Pass, Hoper & Naltar 8
Hunza, Naltar & Fairy Meadows Honeymoon9

Hunza Family Tour

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Hunza Honeymoon Tour Package

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Hunza Tour

Nestled in the northern regions of Pakistan, Hunza emerges as a picturesque haven for tourists. This captivating valley boasts breathtaking mountain vistas, majestic peaks that touch the sky, glistening glaciers, and pristine streams of crystal-clear water. To fully relish the charm of Hunza, the optimal period for a visit falls between April and October when the weather is gentle, and the pathways are easily traversable. Prepare to be mesmerized by the natural wonders that await you in this splendid destination.

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Best Time to Visit Hunza Valley

Our clients always ask us which month is best for the Hunza tour. Hunza Tour Packages are available for 12 months per year. Hunza Valley weather always remains delightful. Although it gets too severe in winter, people come to enjoy snowfall and the winter season in Hunza Valley. In summer, the maximum temperature is only 14 C, and people escape from Karachi’s heat and humidity.

Our customers can avail of Hunza tour packages for all 12 months.

Important Historical Facts of Hunza Valley: Why You Book Hunza Valley Tour Package?

If you don’t travel to Hunza Valley, you cannot realize the natural beauty of Hunza Valley. Hunza Valley is the most beautiful valley in Pakistan which is 70 miles away from Gilgit Baltistan. Some of the facts about the Hunza Valley are given below.

√ Peak road curves make it the most beautiful way in the world

√ Fruit-laden trees spread an extraordinary aroma

√ Unusual spring season when Hunza is fully loaded with different colors of flowers and fruits

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  • Hunza Tour Packages 2023 from Karachi
  • Hunza Tour Packages 2023 from Lahore
  • Hunza Tour Packages 2023 from Islamabad

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New family Hunza Valley tour and Hunza tour packages for your following holidays

There are various things to see and do in northern Pakistan, so it’s one of the most popular destinations for outdoor enthusiasts. In addition, Pakistan north is home to many wonders, mysteries, and hidden beauties that very few people know.

Why should you plan a trip to Hunza Valley with your loved one? 

We all love to travel and explore new places. Of course, we mention a very romantic spot on the planet here, so it’s an excellent idea for couples and friends who want to spend quality time together in a peaceful environment. Hunza Valley is the best place to spend some quality time with your Loved One, away from all of life’s hustle and bustle. You can plan for a trip to Hunza either on foot or by hiring private taxi services at very reasonable prices in Pakistan. All the places in Hunza valley are picturesque and very beautiful so you will feel like on a dream trip during your stay there. You can visit many pretty places, which include Hoper Glacier, Passu Attabad lake, and Khunjerab.

 Hunzai people are friendly by nature.

Hunzai People are famous for their friendly nature and welcome visitors. Hunza tour packages are designed to provide you with an opportunity to explore the culture, landscape & people of this landlocked country surrounded by mountains in every direction.

The majority population of the Hunza Valley belongs to the Brusho community. The Brusho is a tribe of people who inhabit central Asia’s highest valley, known as the Hunza Valley. It is spoken by most of the inhabitants since they are all Brushos.

However, the origin of the Burushaski language is a mystery. Some myths maintain that fair-skinned people with blue eyes descended from Alexander the Great’s army. According to legend, the Greek force decided to remain in Pakistan on their way home from China.

A great way to purify your soul with the purest environment of Hunza

Urban people who sit in front of computers all day and are filled with digital smog can come here and separate themselves from the digital world. Staying away from the computer, away from time-consuming social media, and being close to nature will make you feel relaxed and energetic.

You fill your lungs with fresh air, and your eyes will say thank you for allowing them to see the beautiful scenery under real natural light, rather than behind the screen of your device as most of us usually do.

 Places to Visit in Hunza Tour Packages 2023

Hunza Tour Packages provide an opportunity to explore a wide range of attractions that include lakes surrounded by glaciers, including Khunjerab Lake, Passu Cones, Shispar Bridge, Baltit Fort, Altit Fort, and many other places. Some most famous sites in Hunza valley are listed below.

Karimabad Bazar Hunza 

The old town of Karimabad is a must-see for anyone who visits the Hunza Valley. The cobbled streets are lined with shops selling local products, which you can support by purchasing handmade items.

Altit Fort Hunza Valley

Altit is the main village in Hunza valley. The Altit Fort, built by King Ali Khan of Hunza, dominates the hilltop above this small town which served as a summer palace for several generations of rulers. It provides an excellent vantage point to see most surrounding areas, including Karimabad and Baltistan’s Shigar Valley.

Baltit Fort Karimabad Hunza 

Baltit Fort is a historical cum majestic landmark where you can have fun exploring its beauty and culture. This fort has a vital role in the tourist industry because it attracts many foreign travelers to experience years of civilization and incredible natural beauty.

Baltit Fort Hunza Valley is also the best place to spend leisure time for your honeymoon tour. Baltit Fort’s history is closely related to the history of Hunza. It was built in the 13th century by the ruling family Karakorum for protection against any external attack.

Attabad Lake 

Attabad Lake is a stunning turquoise lake in Gilgit-Baltistan. During spring and early summer, it has chilly waters when meltwater from its surrounding mountains deposits glacial silt into it to make it even more beautiful. In winter, you will find Attabad lake frozen, and even in this state, it has a unique view and attracts visitors This incredible natural phenomenon deserves all types of visits, whether they’re looking for some ice fishing action or just wanting peaceful scenery as their backdrop while hiking around these parts.

Attabad Lake History

Attabad Lake is one of the best sights of Hunza Valley. It was created by a landslide that blocked the flow of the Hunza River. This lake got its name from this natural calamity that happened in 2010. At first, the area where it came to an end was called Attabad village and then changed into “Lake Attabad”. This landslide blocked the flow of the Hunza River, and then it started to fill in, raising the water level.

Activities at Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake is a stunning destination with unmatched beauty. Anyone who visits the lake first time falls in wonder see its view and beauty. The magnificent views of the lake are sure to provide breathtaking scenery and offer many fun activities like boating, jet skiing, and fishing to make your trip even more memorable.

Hotels at Attabad lake 

This tragedy has been a godsend for the local people area. After becoming Attabad lake’s world-class tourist destination, too many hotels and resorts came to exist. All types of hotels are available with a fantastic view and reasonable prices. The list of some of them is as below.

  1. Pearl Continental Hotel (Under Construction)
  2. Luxus Attabad Resort
  3. Famree Resort Hunza
  4. Horizon Resort Attabad Lake
  5. Sapphire Hotel Attabad Lake

Distance from Hunza to Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake is about 30 KM away from the east of Karimabad, the capital of the Hunza, and will take a half-hour to reach there.

Duiker Eagle Nest 

Duiker “Eagle nest” is located in Altit with its elevation near 10000 feet. The village offers panoramic views of the 8th Wonder of the world, Karakoram high Way, and other snow-covered peaks. Hiking to Eagle Nest adds unease to your trip, but it will make it worth visiting when you reach this intimate destination for sunset or sunrise over these stunning mountains.

Passu Cones 

Located on 30 munites drive from Attaabad Lake, Passu cones is the most scenic and beautiful tourist destination in Hunza Valley. The serrated peaks of this pass are very alluring with their simple beauty that can’t be matched anywhere else in the world. It has effortless access via car or bus service from the Capital of Karimabad. Pass Cones offers visitors everything they need for not just one but many days’ worth of adventures.

Hussaini Suspension Bridge

Hussaini suspension bridge is located very next to Passu Hunza. This dangerous and splendid bridge has a perilously narrow crossing over it on its trekking route from 40 minutes away at Passu village in Gilgit Baltistan. However, it can be safely accessed by anyone who would like to challenge themselves with such an adventurous feat. The number of steps required for this journey: is approximately 400-500 more or less depending upon your hiking abilities, but when you get there, all that awaits are lush forest views as well as some breathtaking scenery, including towering mountain ranges while listening carefully enough not only hear nature herself speak through sounds generated.

Nagar Valley- Hunza

The beautiful Nagar valley of Hunza is an attraction for many tourists with its breathtaking scenery. From any point in the region, a view includes four 7,000 m high mountains – Rakaposhi, Diran Golden & Ultra Peak- which make it unique among other valleys around Pakistan. The delicious fruit trees and terraced fields can also be seen throughout this area. It has been an important state, able to maintain its independence from Hunza despite being surrounded by numerous other villages and towns in that region. The main town for this area sits opposite Karimabad across from River Hunza, where Bar, Jaffarabad, Husanabad, Sikandarabad, Nilt, and Ghulmit are the central village in Nagar.

Gulmit Upper Hunza (Gojal) 

A peaceful place to escape from the world, Gulmit is an oasis of fertility and orchids. A small village at a breathtaking scenic point in Hunza valley with views over snow-capped mountains up towards the Karakorum has been noted to be 2500 meters above sea level, making for some exciting activities such as hiking and camping. Gulmit has fertile land with irrigated fields growing maize, wheat, and potatoes beside the orchids of Apricots, Apples, Walnuts, and peaches. One can spend time walking in this beautiful paradise that has been carved out from nature for everyone to enjoy without worrying about life’s worries like money or family trouble.

Khunjrab Pass (Pak-China Border)

The Khunjrab Pass is a high mountain pass located on the border of Pakistan and China and has become a tourists attraction from the Pakistan side. Thousands of tourists go to visit the place every month. However, during the winter months, it gets closed due to heavy snowfall. Because there isn’t enough room for vehicles inside and trucks trying not to slip down any slopes while driving through such conditions, making these places are very dangerous, making them only accessible during summertime.

Naltar Valley & Lakes 

Naltar Valley is known for its gorgeousness and brightly colored lakes. It is the most popular destination for tourists along the Silk Road, KKH (Karakorum Highway), and now CEPC (China-Pakistan economic corridor).

Naltar Valley is located northwest of Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan region, known as “The Doorway of the World” and “The Township of the mountains.” It is 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Gilgit city across a vast valley. It is called “The Sleeping Beauty of the Pacific.” It’s said to be a true paradise. That is why over 50,000 tourists come to see its beauty and enjoy their summer vacation season every year. Each year, throughout the winter season, which runs from the first of January to the end of February.

Hunza River

Hunza River’s history lies with the Karakoram Range. This river flows through different countries like China, Afghanistan, and Pakistan before ending in the Arabian sea. Hunza River is the main river in Hunza. The natural beauty of this region is full of greenery, lush green mountains, and beautiful lakes that make it one of the best honeymoon destinations in Pakistan.

Hunza River passes through several snow-capped mountains, and one can enjoy different activities like paragliding, mountaineering, trekking, kayaking, and fishing on the banks of this river.

Endanger species in Hunza Valley

The name “Endless Mountains” comes from the endless number of mountains in Pakistan’s Hunza Valley. This title is given to signify that certain species may be found in remote regions of the globe. Snow leopards, red foxes, Eurasian lynxes, Dholes, Himalayan brown bears, and wild goats from the Hunza Valley are outstanding examples of this.

Himalayan Ibex 

The Ibex is a wild goat that lives in the northern areas of Pakistan. It can be found at an altitude as low as 400m to over 7000m above sea level. You will discover ibexes in the regions of Gilgit-Baltistan, Chitral, and Afghanistan.

The Ibex is an endangered species that has been close to extinction for over 20 years due to hunting pressures. However, today, more than 50,000 Ibex live around Hunza Valley, making it one of the most amazing places on Earth to witness this beautiful animal.

 Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle is said to be the most majestic and powerful bird in the valley. Hunza Valley offers you a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see these birds up close and personal as they soar through the sky located at an altitude of 11000 feet above sea level, near Passu Bridge, also known as the ‘Bridge of Gods’.

Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard is known as the master of high-altitude mountains. Hunza Valley offers you a chance to see this rare and elusive creature in its natural habitat at an altitude of 4000m above sea level.

Hunzai Food: Food of Hunza Valley – Must Taste in Hunza Tour Packages

Hunza is a mountainous area, the access to fresh food items from outside may be very limited. The local population has been forced to live on their agriculture and livestock for centuries, so they have developed many familiar crops around the world today and some new fruits and vegetables that can only grow in those specific altitudes. Potatoes are one of the famous crops in Hunza, but their tubers have a unique taste because they grow at high altitudes. The “Karts” or wild apricots are another popular food item.

The Hunza valley is recognized around the globe for the long life of its inhabitants. Many scientists have worked to figure out what makes these people live so long. Many of them think that simply because of their pure and healthy diet, they can stay healthy and long-lived. The Hunzas have too many different types of traditional dishes on various occasions. This region’s cuisine is flavorful and delightful. You’ll get the real taste of nature and purity from these meals. You’ll understand how incredible these delectable dishes are if you’ve ever eaten food from Hunza.

Residents of the Hunza Valley eat fewer calories than Americans as well. According to sources, Hunza people consume 1,600 to 1,800 calories each day. Furthermore, Americans consume more than 3000 calories every day. On a Hunza Valley Honeymoon Tour, you can meet these fascinating individuals.

Refined carbohydrates and sugars are also prevalent in the American diet. The Hunza diet is based on complex carbohydrates that are low in calories but high in nutrients.

There are a lot of tempting cuisines dishes that the locals prefer to eat, some of which are traditional keepsakes from this beautiful valley.

  • Go-Lee
  • Harissa
  • Chapshuro
  • Shop
  • Gittey
  • Hoi Lo Garma
  • Diram Fitti
  • Buttering Daudo
  • Tumoro Tea
  • Fenugreek Soup

“Hunza Water” can help you live longer.

The water that Hunza’s people consume for free is far more beneficial than expensive bottles of mineral water.

Scientists have dubbed this glacial water the number one life-extending secret for people residing in Hunza, as it is some of the longest-living individuals on Earth.

Like Denmark and Sweden, other nations have discovered how to ionize their water and imitate Hunza Water, such as in the case of tea ceremonies or hospital-grade sanitation.

During the trip from Gilgit to Hunza Valley the day before, we sipped directly from a glacial river that fed off Mt. Rakaposhi. The water gleams like crystal and is naturally chilly, making it quite refreshing.

Fresh, raw, and dried fruits, herbs, and vegetables make up the bulk of the Hunza diet.

The average daily protein intake among the Kunza people is 0.8-1.1 ounces (22.7-30 grams) per day, which comes entirely from plant foods. As a result, they consume less animal protein, refined sugars and carbohydrates, and hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Soup is a must-have item in their regular food intake.

The mountain people of the Karakorum frequently prepare the delectable soup. A soup made with locally grown herbs and noodles is one of their favored meals. Why they so often consume hot soup now makes sense. The valley is chilly, and the heated soup warms up the entire body. Furthermore, in cold weather, the hot soup tastes great.

Apricot-based foods are widespread in the Hunza Valley.

Use dried apricots as a natural sweetener in recipes. They also utilize apricots as part of the cuisine in the Hunza region. The locals, for example, use crushed apricots as a sauce on some cooked meals.

What is the significance of this fruit? It’s called “apricot” because it’s a kind of apricot. Because there are many apricots in the valley, people learned from them how to make delectable meals.

Monson Season in Hunza Valley

It is a familiar occurrence to the locals. But, unfortunately, it’s one of the most hazardous natural disasters for local people. Flooding of glaciers in the Hunza Valley is typical during the melting season. When the ice melts, it creates a tremendous quantity of water that lakes and dams can manage, so glacier floods occur. Consequently, glacial water erupted on debris and swept rocks along the road, causing damage to local property, farmland, and infrastructure. Therefore, during the Monsoon Season in Pakistan, it’s advised to avoid visiting the Kingdom of Hunza.

The Hunza Valley is home to rare species of butterflies.

Butterflies of the day are also found in other parts of Pakistan, including on Rogan Mountain and at Muztagh Pass. Another popular activity is trekking to the Hunza Valley to see one of Pakistan’s rarest butterflies. The scientists established an expedition and studied butterflies for several years. As a result, they identified several new butterfly species, many of which are found only in the northern areas of Pakistan.

The Hunza Valley is also home to a variety of birds some are listed below:

– Eurasian Tree Sparrows (Passer montanus)

– White Wagtails (Motacilla alba)

– Blue Rock Thrushes (Monticola solitarius).

In addition to the beautiful scenery, the Hunza Valley also contains gorgeous sapphires.

Sapphire is one of the rarest gems on Earth. However, the brilliant hue of sapphire has made it highly coveted and valued in almost all cultures. As a result, jewelers throughout the world employ them to create beautiful, wearable items. Sapphires were first found in the Hunza Valley, and locals there began to operate their mining efforts after that. Typically, locals sell their findings in the local market or to local mediators, taking them to Gilgit and Peshawar markets.

If you plan to travel to the Hunza Valley, you will need a lot of walking.

The trekking opportunities in the Hunza Valley are famous throughout Pakistan. The rough and uneven surface allows everyone to stride across a lifetime. Expect to walk, climb, and eat a lot of local food while visiting the thrilling experience of the Hunza Valley, so you may have enough energy to enjoy it.

Most houses in the Hunza Valley are built of stone.

In the valley, there are several stone structures. Given the area’s position, it would appear that stone is a relatively inexpensive source of construction materials. However, because locals use solid stones to construct their homes, you may find buildings in the valley over 400 years old.

Fall in love with the incredible Hunza house interior

The majority of homes in Hunza are constructed of stones. The inhabitants are enthusiastic about decorating with handcrafted items. You may admire some unique, well-planned houses and have a good size while on your trip to Hunza.

Know More About People in Hunza- Hunza Tour Packages

Hunza people are very friendly to everyone. Many people have a negative perspective of Pakistan, yet the warm hospitality of the Hunzas contradicts this view and leaves a good impression on others. As a result, the valley is often described as a secure tourist destination by travel websites. Even Forbes magazine recognized the region as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Asia.

Some believe that the longevity of the Hunza Valley is a myth, but it’s not.

We cannot prove whether the longevity of the Hunza people is true. However, there is evidence that some people in the area have lived for more than 100 years. However, some scholars believe that this is false information. A scientist even estimated that the life expectancy in the Hunza Valley is 52 to 55 years, which is lower than that in some Western countries. To clarify all these misunderstandings, the scientific community must study the area to obtain accurate information.

The secret to Hunza Valley’s people’s longevity

The inhabitants of the Hunza Valley have lived for more than 90 years without contracting any chronic illnesses.

They are also recognized for their excellent health in other regions of the globe. Some scientists think that they can remain healthy because they live in a clean environment, eat organic food, and exercise regularly. In addition, they enjoy escaping the city bustle and polluted cities to reside closer to nature.

Hunza Nights in Hunza Honeymoon Tour Packages

When the sky appears so close to you, and you see thousands of galaxies overhead, you can spend the night in Hunza Valley beneath the starry night. The valley draws visitors from all around the world. Therefore the Hunza Valley Honeymoon Tour offers accommodation options where guests may stay overnight and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Hunza Valley under a spectacular sky full of stars.

Click Pakistan Tourism Services offers the Hunza Honeymoon Tour Package, the perfect way for honeymoon couples who wish to spend their first night in serenity and peace with each other, away from the distraction and noise of big cities.

People and Language of Hunza Valley

The majority of the people in Hunza are Ismaili Shia Muslims. The Mentor Prince Karim Aga Khan is their spiritual leader, but 90 per cent of Ganish’s population is Shia Muslim. Thus, the people of three distinct groups reside in the region of Hunza. There are also a few multiethnic folks who have been living there since before.

The Lower Hunza, which covers Khizerabad to Nasirabad, is inhabited mainly by the Shinkai people, who speak Shina.

The Central Hunza, which begins in Murtazaabad and ends at Attabad, is spoken mainly by the Burushaski people.

The Upper Hunza region, which is usually referred to as Gojal, begins at Shiskat and runs to Khunjerab, inhabited by Wakhi speakers.

The people of Hunza are known for their generous natures and its beautiful and natural beauty. Even though Burushaski is the most commonly accepted language among all, most residents speak and understand Urdu and English.

The valley is associated with various cultural activities, and the people of Hunza enjoy participating in them. For example, traditional dance is popular among all age groups, and there is a particular traditional band that makes it more enjoyable and entertaining.

Literacy Rate in Hunza Valley – Gilgit Baltistan

According to a poll, the literacy rate in the Hunza valley is said to be over 85%. The people of Hunza are among Pakistan’s most educated communities. As a result, their literacy rate is approximately 85%. They advocate educating children from kindergarten through high school. Many of these individuals enroll at various colleges and universities throughout Pakistan and abroad for higher education.

Living and lifestyle of Hunza Valley

The inhabitants of the Hunza valley are among the healthiest in the world, with extensive lifespans. Even as they grow older, they retain their vigor and strength. It is thanks to their clean water and simple diet. The people of this region go about a lot on difficult terrain because it serves as physical exercise for them. Hunzai people consume fresh apricots and other organically grown foods, such as apples and grapes, the most common fruits in Hunza. The folks consume fresh apricots from the summer that are dried and processed into jam and ice cream. Berries, on the other hand, can be found in abundance all over the region. They include strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, and many different fruits cultivated there, such as pears and apples. The financial health of the local people in Hunza is estimated by counting how many orchards and trees are under cultivation. The nutrients in rich Hunzai bread (chappati) are unsurpassed. It’s the ideal diet for everyone. Glacial Milk also helps them in their maintenance.

Traditional Festivals of Hunza Valley

Various cultural, religious, and everyday life events are celebrated in the Hunza Valley. Cultural festivals and religious festivals (daily life or agricultural) are two distinct types of festivals. The following is a list of religious festivals:

  • Eid-Ul-Azha
  • Eid-Ul-Fitr
  • Eid-Ul-Meladul Nabi
  • Nowroz festival
  • Shab-e Barat,
  • Shab-e-Miraj,
  • Eid Ghadeer,
  • Birthday of Agha khan

The local community observes the traditional Gianni festival, with many gatherings held in Baltit, Altit, and Aliabad. This festival is intended to welcome the new harvest season with enthusiasm and pleasure. The celebrations include dancing, music, and typical meals to commemorate DirumPitti, provided during the festival known as DirumPitt.

The Spring Blossom Festival, which takes place in May, is a well-known celebration that allows people to sit and enjoy life. In this festival, sports activities, Exhibitions, and cultural performances draw attendees to celebrate the region’s cultural roots. Apart from these, there are others such as the ShimshalKuch and Baba Ghundi festivals.

Hunza people’s dresses 

The weather in Hunza from April to September is pleasant, so people there prefer light woolen attire. However, the winter season in Hunza is too harsh for the locals. Therefore, the females cover their heads with colorful, knee-length shirts and shawls, and the men wear Shalwar Qamiz, which consists of a woolen garment with trousers.

The Hunza Valley’s Humanitarian Aid Efforts

Numerous groups are operating in the region, but many single groups is also present in the region for humanitarian work. For example, we met a team of doctors from another charity visiting to spread health and hygiene awareness about water and sanitation.

Conclusion – Hunza Tour Packages 

We can tell you with confidence that the scenery in Hunza Vally, Pakistan is otherworldly, the cuisine is distinct and refreshing, and the people will offer you warmth while making you feel welcome.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hunza Tour Packages

Where is Hunza Valley?

Hunza Valley is in the Gilgit-Baltistan province of Pakistan. The central city of Hunza valley is Karimabad, and it is one of the main hubs and commercial areas that contains many hotels and daily use items market.

Hunza valley is referred to as the “Switzerland of Asia,” and there are many different Hunza Tour Packages available for visitors from all over the world who wish to experience this pristine region for themselves.

Why is Hunza Valley Famous?

Hunza Valley is Famous for its Natural Beauty, Glaciers, Mountains, Peaks, and Waterfalls. Glacier trekking tours are popular here, too, as it is one of the few places in Pakistan where you can still find glaciers. The Baltoro Glacier and Godwin Austin Glacier are two of the most famous ones visiting Hunza Valley.  There are also plenty of opportunities to trek, river rafting, and even visit the local fruit gardens. The weather here is pleasant year-round, too, so it’s a great place to visit at any time in the year!

Why you should take Gilgit Hunza Tour Packages in any season? 

Hunza has a lot to offer in all seasons. The landscape changes every season and gives you a different impression of Hunza Valley. In Spring, the weather is pleasant, with mild winter, and green meadows that provide an outstanding view of nature’s beauty. At the same time, summer brings an entirely new perspective to this beautiful valley by bringing forward lush greenery.

Hunza Valley is a dreamland for naturalists.

Of course, a resounding yes! Being the most peaceful place in the world will take you in the world of dreams. Where no other will be except you and nature. Hunza Valley is located in the foothills of the Karakorum Range at an altitude of around about 3000 to 4000 meters. This popular honeymoon spot promises its guests scenic beauty and some unforgettable moments on their life’s journey. First-time visitors are always surprised by the snow.

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