Karimabad Hunza Valley

Karimabad is the capital of Hunza District, previously known as Baltit (also known as Hunza), and is located 2,435 meters above sea level. Karaimabad Hunza Valley is a heavenly, beautiful small town in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan, in South Asian Countries.

Before becoming part of Pakistan in 1947, Hunza was a principality under the ruler famous as the Mir of Hunza. The valley was once a stopover point for travelers coming from the Hindu Kush mountains of Indian Kashmir.

Why is Hunza Famous?

Karimabad Hunza Valley region is the home of many world-known mighty mountain peaks (7000m) such as the Rakaposhi, Nanga Parbat, Ulter Sar, Diran, Passu Sar, Batura, etc. It is a paradise for adventurers who rush to summit peaks and witness its natural landscape. 

Karimabad Bazar is famous for buying antiques, wearing stones, and traditional Hunza products. When other parts of the country bear the scorching heat, Karaimabad Hunza weather remains pleasant and cool.

 Karimabad weather in summer goes a maximum of up to 30C temperature. It gets heavy snow in winter, and some of its roads get closed during winter. However, Karimabad Hunza hotels remain open for tourists for whole years. 

Visitors throng to the area to enjoy their winter holidays and witness snowfall. Karimabad Hunza Valley food has exceptional taste; therefore, Karimabad Hunza restaurants get crowded even in every season where traditional, Pakistani, and Chinese foods are offered. 

Rare animal species like ibexes, snow leopards, red foxes, yaks, Markhors, Marco polo sheep, and ducks also inhabit the region.

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The region’s dwellers are an educated community with a high literacy rate in the country. They are associated with agriculture, hotels, restaurants, and tourism. The young generation head to big city universities for their education. 

It is a stunning destination to take a rest after all the hikes and treks you have done during your fairy meadows or Rakaposhi expedition. The laid-back vibe, fantastic cafes, and breathtaking places to explore, all surrounded by beautiful landscapes, will make your trip to Karimabad a great experience.

Which month is best for Hunza?

It is a very common question from the travellers. Hunza is the destination that will never disappoint you, even in any season. Every weather in the valley has a lot to offer you. In autumn, the valley turns into colors of red and yellowish, and in spring, it gives another look of blossom. 

However, in summer, it gets crowded, and therefore, the rents of hotels, vehicles, and porters prices scale up to high. So the best time to visit Hunza is the autumn season when the weather is also pleasant, and there are few visitors. 

The distance from Karimabad to Attabad lake is only 34 kilometers, which is an hour’s drive via the magnificent Karakoram highway. Attabad Lake to Khunjerab pass distance is 79 km, and Karimabad Hunza to Khunjerab pass distance is 92 Kilometres.

 Because most travelers start their journey from Islamabad, Hunza Valley distance from Islamabad is 599 km via Naran, Babusar route. If you opt to go via Besham, KKH route, it will take around 14 hours as it is 686 kilometers of travel. 

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