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This beautiful valley, also known as Nagar Khas and previously known as Broshal, lies in Gilgit Baltistan. It would not be wrong to say it is a lakeside paradise. Hunza and Nagar were once separate princely states split by the River Hunza. These states, Hunza and Nagar, were once notorious for robbing trader caravans that would come from China. But now, these valleys are the home of hospitality and a hub of tourists visiting from around the world. The Nager Valley Hunza spellbinds the visitors once they enter the region.

The people of the valley are guest-loving. You will always remember the delicious and organic food of Minapan, a small valley village. As a tourism company, we received many queries about Nagar Valley’s location: where is Nagar Valley in Pakistan? So, this stunning valley is only 16 kilometers away from the most famous Hunza Valley. It is about 106 KM from Gilgit City, which lies to the district’s southwest.

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Nagar is Home of the Majestic Mountains: 

The district of Nagar Valley, Gilgit-Baltistan, is the new district formed in 2015 after the division of Hunza. The major towns and villages of the Nagar Valley are Sikardarabad, Gulmit, Hispar, Chalt, and Hooper. More than sixty percent of the total population of Brusho belongs to Nager Valley and mainly speaks Burushaski and Shina languages. God blessed this area with many famous mountain peaks, including Rakaposhi, Rush Peak, Diran Peak, and Golden Peak. The Valley has the highest alpine peak in Pakistan, named Rush Lake, and it ranks 27th in the world.

The magnificent scenery of mountains like Rakaposhi and Diran makes Nager Valley, Pakistan, a popular tourist destination. Rakaposhi Peak, also known as Dumani (Mother of Mist or Mother of Clouds), is ranked as the 27th highest mountain in the world. One can see the majestic Rakaposhi mountain from the Karakoram Highway. Traveling on the world’s highest paved Karakoram Highway, you will be amazed by the luscious green meadows surrounding the Golden Peak. The next village you arrive in is Nagar Khas. The village is famous for its peaceful village life, where you’ll see many animals grazing in the grasslands.

From the Nagar Khas Bazar, the center of Nagar district, the small road will lead you to Hispar village and another towards Hooper Valley. It’s an idyllic setting surrounded by apple, apricot, and cherry orchards, making it one of the most desirable locations for a quiet weekend.

Nagar Valley Weather:

The weather in Nagar Valley is almost similar to Hunza Valley’s weather. The temperature reaches around 28 °C in Nager Valley in July-August. And in winter, it plumbed to minus degrees, and heavy snowfall blocked the roads. So the best season to visit the area is between June to September.

Nagar Valley Hotels:

Usually, tourists visit these breathtaking areas and return to Hunza, Karimabad, for night accommodation. Because Karimabad is the main commercial area, all types of hotels, guest houses, and resorts are readily available at economical rents. However, with increasing tourism to Gilgit Baltistan and these magnificent areas, new hotels and resorts are being constructed by locals and big hotel brands. Therefore, many local neat and clean hotels in Nager Valley are available in the natural environment. Some of the Famous are as follows:

  1. Cherry Garden Hotel
  2. Osho Thang Hotel
  3. Roomy Yart (Huts)
  4. Hotel Hills & Huts

Nagar Valley Google Map:

Nagar Valley Location

Best Nagar Valley Tour Packages:

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