Khunjerab Pass: Highest Border Between Pakistan and China

The Khunjerab Pass (Pak-China Border) is a scenic and breathtaking landmark located at an altitude of 15,397 feet (4,600 M). It is the highest point on the majestic Karakoram Highway of the Gilgit Baltistan region.

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 The border is a significant source of trade between two countries. Recently, a luxury bus service has started between Pakistan and China to enhance business activities. Now, people, particularly business people, can enjoy their travels with breathtaking beauty and tourism.

It is also the door to a great friendship between both countries (China-Pakistan) as Khunjerab Pass connects Pakistan with China. It is considered the highest paved international border crossing in the world.

Visitors from both sides of the border come and enjoy the enchanting beauty of the mountains. Beautiful mountains surround the Pakistan (Gilgit Baltistan) side and are home to rare animals.

Which Chinese city is near to Khunjerab Pass?

Answer to one most common question: which Chinese city is near Khunjerab Pass, well Karakoram highway starts from Pakistan at the point of Hassan Abdal, a small city of the Attack district of Punjab province, and goes to the Chinese city of Kashgar in the western Xinjiang Uyghur.

Khunjerab pass weather goes up to a maximum of 30 C temperature, and in winter, it receives heavy snow that leads to it closing in winter from November to April.

As it all depends upon weather conditions, there is no specific time of opening and closing dates at the border. However, calling the highway helpline before traveling to the border is better.

The border remains open from Monday to Friday (5 days a week) from 9 am to 5 on the Pakistan border and 11 am to 8 pm on the Chinese border side of Beijing time. We arrange honeymoon, tailor-made, and group tour packages to Hunza and Khunjrab passes at economical prices.

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