Best Foreign Tour Package Pakistan 2024

Click Pakistan provides the best foreigner tour packages in Pakistan 2024. Pakistan opens its doors to the world to experience the country’s beautiful heavenly destinations.Β 

The security situation has significantly changed, and the Pakistan tourism industry is multiplying with every passing day. Implementing the new e-visa policy by the government has made it more convenient and comfortable for foreign touristsΒ to explore the stunning natural landscape and diversity of cultures and heritage of Pakistan.

This is why Pakistan was named theΒ top holiday destination for 2021 by the well-known luxury and lifestyle magazine Conde Nast Traveler.

Group Tour Package for International Tourists

Click Pakistan offers the exclusive group tour package for our international tourists with an amazing discount offer.

pakistan tour Gilgit Baltistan
14 Days Gilgit Baltistan Group Tour (Hunza and Skardu)

List of the Best Pakistan Tour Packages for International Tourists

Following is the list of the best Pakistan Tour packages for international travelers.

How much it cost for Pakistan Tour?

Getting a tourist visa in Pakistan has now been made very easy, and it can be obtained online with a simple procedure and a small fee. Getting permission (NOC) for some restricted areas has also been lifted to attract more foreign tourists worldwide. 

Foreign tourists, especially western people, love adventure trekking expeditions in Pakistan’s Northern areas. For package cost information, you can call or Whatsapp at +923-111-123-133.

According to the tourism department’s current data, more than 3.5 million foreign tourists travelled to Pakistan in 2019, a significant increase in international travellers. 

Adventure tourism in Pakistan is being promoted mainly because of Pakistan’s tracks and locations, which no other country has. Our company offers a unique Pakistan tourism Package for foreigners to meet all the foreigners’ needs and provide excellent services. 

The “Click Pakistan” team has discovered many new places for tourism in Pakistan. Tourism in Pakistan, especially northern hilly areas, is mainly connected through road infrastructure and has serene and picturesque beauty to travel; that’s why tourists usually choose to go on roads. However, state-owned Pakistan International Airlines operates in some areas like Gilgit and Skardu.

Is Pakistan safe to travel?

Pakistan tourism packages for foreigners are getting high demand once the security situation has been declared quite okay, and the United Kingdom and the United States of America have announced their new travel advisory for Pakistan as a safe and secure country for tourism.