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Suppose you are looking for something special for your honeymoon holidays. And want to spend them in a breathtaking place with a stunning view. In that case, we provide the finest alternative to Chitral Tour Packages. It is the best location where you can see the magnificent landscape and experience unique cultures and traditions.

All of Pakistan’s northern regions indeed have their own unique culture and living standard. Which is lovely and complete with traditions. But we’ll speak about the Kalash people in this section. There are a variety of packages available for tourists of Chitral Kalash valley.

Kalasha tribe is known for its unique traditional festivals. During the festivals, every corner of the Kalash valley reverberates with the sound of drums. People from all over the world arrive to watch these special events. Dancing, singing, and sounds come from all directions of the valley. People enjoy themselves in Kalash Valley. The lovely landscapes, weather, and valleys are additional reasons to visit Kalash & Chitral.

Kalash-Chitral Tour Packages 2024

Chitral is a city that serves as the Chitral region’s capital and is well-known due to Kalash Valey. Although it is considered less attractive than other Pakistan Northern Areas. But tourists still have many activities to explore and enjoy their honeymoon holidays.

The region has tremendous tourism potential for both domestic and foreign tourists. And can discover a variety of things. The architecture of Kalash incorporates ancient woodwork as well as medieval art forms. Buildings in the area frequently contain intricately carved columns. The wooden beams are decorated with statues of people and animals, each depicting a distinct myth.

The Chitral Valley’s landscape is quite intriguing. With its steep, rocky peaks, lush meadows, beautiful valleys, and enormous glaciers. It is one of the most challenging and inaccessible locations on the planet.

Click Pakistan has introduced several Chitral Kalash tours for global and local tourists. We will go through all of the districts of Chitral with our Tour to Kalash Valley and Chitral. Also, make a trip to Pakistan’s Northern Areas or Honeymoon Packages Pakistan with our Budget Pakistan Tour Packages in Chitral. We provide the most popular Pakistan Northern Areas Tour Packages, including Chitral & Kalash Honeymoon tour packages and luxury Chitral honeymoon tours.

Pakistan’s tourism sector is gaining recognition day by day for its diversity of culture, heritage, and hospitality, and Kalash Valley is one of the best tourists attraction of them. While distinct in scenery, color, and culture, the valley differs significantly from other regions. 

Cheap and Affordable Chitral Tour Package

Click Pakistan offers the best and most affordable Honeymoon tours of Chitral, Kalash valley. Visit the list of our Chitral Trip Package for Newly Weds Couples and choose the best one that suits you according to your budget and travel schedule. 

Why did you choose Chitral Tour Package?

Chitral Valley  Tour consists of various things, which on top include the following:

  • Historical Sites & Forts
  • Crystal Clear Lakes
  • Touring of Peaks
  • Organic villages
  • Unusual Romantic Weather coupled with modern facilities
  • Largest Waterfalls
  • Romantic Activities & Photography

Famous Festivals in Kalash Valley 

The Kalash Valley is home to several colorful festivals that attract tourists from all around the world. Colorful customs, dancing, drinking, and the lovely display of traditional clothing help to enhance the atmosphere during these events.

The Famous Festivals in the Kalash Valley are:

  1. Chilam Joshi – in May
  2. Uchau – in autumn, usually September
  3. Choimus – Two weeks around the midwinter

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Best Places to Visit in Kalash

Nature’s marvels and mysteries surround the spectacular beauty of the Kalash Valley. It makes no difference whether you come from a city. Click Pakistan can arrange your trip to the Kalash Valley from practically all of Pakistan’s major cities.

People sometimes do not realize that specific locations exist near the location where they intend to visit. Due to this problem, people were unable to explore other marvels located nearby. For example, Kalash is situated in Chitral, which also includes the central valleys of Bumburet, Rumbur, and Birir.

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