Affordable Pakistan Tour Packages 2024- Cheap Group Tours by Click Pakistan

We offer Pakistan tour packages that are up to date with comparably low prices, non-compromised services, and relatively inexpensive. Moreover, we choose highly secure and safe places in all aspects. 

Click Pakistan website is a reliable platform to book your Pakistan tour with various ready-made tour packages. You can find multiple options and a wide range of tour packages like group tours, honeymoon tours, family tours, and cooperate tours, including summer tours, winter tours, and day excursions.

List of the Best Group Tour Packages Pakistan (Weekly Departures)

Swat Malam Jabba2Friday, 19 April 24Lahore / Islamabad10,000 PKR
Shogran Siri Paye2Friday, 19 April 24Lahore / Islamabad10,000 PKR
Naran & Shogran3Not Available Lahore / Islamabad14,500 PKR
Neelum Valley Kashmir3Thursday, 18 April 24Lahore / Islamabad13,500 PKR
Swat Kalam Valley3Thursday, 18 April 24Lahore / Islamabad13,500 PKR
Kumrat Valley 3Not AvailableLahore / Islamabad14,000 PKR
Kumrat Jahaz Banda4Not AvailableLahore / Islamabad14,000 PKR
Hunza Valley 5Friday, 19 April 24Lahore / Islamabad23,500 PKR
Fairy Meadows 5Friday, 19 April 24Lahore / Islamabad23,500 PKR
Skardu & Shigar 7Friday, 19 April 24Lahore / Islamabad32,000 PKR
Skardu & Hunza Valley8Friday, 19 April 24Lahore / Islamabad35,000 PKR

 How can you Plan a Tour of Pakistan with the Least Income?

 The Tour of Pakistan is a costly event. However, don’t worry. We’re here to help you with that. Suppose you are interested in exploring the world’s stunning places of Pakistan. You will receive many discounts when you book one of our Pakistan Tour Packages or Pakistan Honeymoon Package deals. We are here to help make your dream trip a reality.

Why Pakistan Tours Are So Famous? 

Why should you visit Pakistan? There are numerous questions on this topic: Why should I go to Pakistan? It is easier to arrange a trip to Pakistan. Travelers from all over the world have discovered the tremendous appeal of Pakistan’s Northern Areas. Here are some additional reasons for visiting Pakistan during your holidays:

  • Beautiful Lakes
  • Beautiful Scenery
  • Awesome Cool Weather.
  • High Mountains
  • Worth-Seeing Waterfalls
  • Lush Green Forests
  • Exploring the Culture of Different Areas.

Following are the things that are part of Pakistan Tour Packages in 2024

  • Luxury vehicle
  • Tour Guide
  • Hotel Booking
  • Sightseeing Places Visit.
  • All Facilities regarding the stay

8 Quick Tips Regarding Family Tour Packages In Pakistan

The following are the eight suggestions you should keep in mind before taking a trip with Family Tour Packages in Pakistan:

1. Keep warm clothes, an umbrella, and a water bottle while traveling to Pakistan North. 

2. Keep your medical concerns in mind before developing a tour strategy. 

3. Before traveling, double-check that you’ve got your CNIC, Passport, and other documents.

4. Keep some beauty products on hand if your skin becomes dry.

5. Make sure to have comfortable shoes, socks, extra blankets, etc.

6. Remember to bring your technology-related accouterments, such as headphones or cameras.

7. Keep your camera or movie recorder so you can capture all the beautiful events.

8. Take your daily medication with you. 

Best and Most Affordable Northern Pakistan Tourism Packages 2024

Summer or Winter tours aren’t the only ones available. All of the seasons have their charm. But, on the other hand, our expert tour guide will tell you all there is to know about Pakistan’s lovely areas. 

Northern Pakistan is blessed with many beautiful locations that attract most people. The following are some of the most popular destinations in Northern Pakistan for tourism:

  • Original landscape.
  • Charming Meadows.
  • Snow-covered peak.
  • Transparent blue water is making noise.
  • Lush green valleys and many delightful sceneries.

Pakistan Tours Packages 2024 from Karachi and other cities

Now, take advantage of an opportunity to explore the famous places in Pakistan. We provide the finest and most inexpensive Pakistan Tour Packages for Naran Kaghan Valley and the most popular Murree Kashmir and Swat Tours to Pakistan. 

So spend your dream holidays with one of the best Pakistani tour operators and enjoy your trips. We are ready to look after your itinerary.

We’ve compiled a list of the best Pakistan honeymoon packages from Karachi and other famous tourist areas of Pakistan. As a tour company, we must expand our tour services to almost all locations as quickly as possible. 

Our Tour Packages from Karachi are currently trendy. We’re getting excellent feedback from the 2024 Click Pakistan Tourism Services tour packages. 

We are providing the most Affordable Northern Pakistan Tours Packages for 2024

Click Pak Tourism Services is known as the best tour company in Pakistan, which arranges all types of Northern Areas Tour Packages at the best rates and with excellent services. 

We provide unique Pakistan northern area tour packages and itineraries. Most Noteworthy, Honeymoon Packages in Pakistan are related to our company.

Tour Packages For Northern Areas of Pakistan 2024 – Top Tours of Pakistan 

Click Pakistan Tourism Services’ main aim is to raise awareness of Pakistan’s tourism industry and demonstrate the country’s most beautiful and budget-friendly adventurous northern Pakistan tours. Many foreign visitors schedule monthly trips throughout Pakistan and are ecstatic with our services.

Pakistan’s Northern Areas have the world’s most popular things, including:

  • Culture.
  • Peaks.
  • Rivers.
  • Mountains.

For the following, we have the trademark Travels and Tours:

  • Naran Kaghan Shogran.
  • Hunza Valley.
  • Skardu Valley.
  • Swat Valley.

We firmly believe Pakistan’s Valleys are far more beautiful than Switzerland or Norway. Furthermore, We provide services exclusively in Northern Pakistan. The Hunza Valley Honeymoon Tour is one of our most well-known itinerary packages, with Kalam and Malam Jabba as must-see places in Pakistan.

Skardu Valley Tours submits the following:

  • Lakes
  • Peaks
  • Cold Deserts
  • Adventure Sports

Best Kashmir Valley Tour Package with complete Tour Guide – Provider of Best Azad Kashmir Holidays Tours

Explore the top best attractions of Azad Kashmir with our Neelum Valley Tour Packages that cover Keran, Kutton, Sharda, Kel, and Aurangkel. Book your tour with Click Pakistan Tourism Service for the most cost-effective and best Kashmir Tour Travel Packages services. 

Make your holidays more pleasurable by selecting Azad Kashmir Holiday Packages from us and seeing the top places to visit, Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir.

 We’ll help you to make your holidays memorable. So get ready and go on a beautiful trip to Kashmir with us. Also, avail our most influential communicator in Pakistan’s Leading Tour Operator, part of our Cheapest Kashmir Tour Pack. Are you also among those who wish to enhance the adventure of their vacations? 

Let’s make a great trip to Kashmir if that’s the case. With Pakistan Travel and Tour, enjoy the finest Kashmir budget tour package. Yes, visiting Kashmir may be a fantastic idea for you and your family or friends to spend time together.

Explore the Best Tourist Places in Pakistan

Naran Kaghan Valley trip packages are Pakistan’s most popular tourist sites during the summer. Our Pakistan Tour Package includes all of the necessary services for your trip. 

Furthermore, you want to experience all the comforts that will make your visit to Kashmir pleasant and relaxing. Our team of experts is familiar with Pakistani tourism’s intricacies and can advise you on where to stay, what to do, and how to get around. Contact us right away if you’d like us to organize your trip.

Naran Kaghan Tours and Enjoy Beautiful Weather in kaghan Naran

 The most important thing to note about Naran Kaghan Valley is that it is easy to access and has many modern amenities. Furthermore, Naran Kaghan Tours offers visitors a spectacular glimpse of the region’s breathtaking scenery. As a result, thousands of tourists and locals flock to the gorgeous lakes each week during summer.

Furthermore, trekking enthusiasts can provide you with ample opportunity to explore numerous lakes and fall in love with the beautiful Naran Valley. Not far from Shogran and Siri Paye meadows and the Musa ka Musala trek. 

Furthermore, when they visit Naran Kaghan, Jeep tracks and horse rides are popular activities. We have the finest possible resorts in Naran Valley and Shogran Valley to offer visitors a more enjoyable journey.

Cheap Pakistan Tour Packages Prices 2024

 Our agency’s goal is to develop the tourism sector in Pakistan and assist visitors in discovering great things to do here. We offer special offers for all our clients, both men and women, regardless of age or professional status. In our top services, we assist with promoting Pakistani culture and assisting tourists in exploring unique locations in Pakistan at a low cost. 

We have always tried to give excellent quality services to our clients, especially when it comes to honeymoon Tour Packages from Pakistan for newlyweds.

Pakistan Tours Package prices have mostly stayed the same in recent years because we provide excellent services to our clients to obtain the appropriate response. Our most personalized tour itineraries and the most popular destination excursions are based on these itineraries. Unfortunately, the Naran Valley trip is only available for 7 to 8 months a year, from April to October, because it gets closed due to heavy snowfall.

The Naran, Swat Kalam Valley tour, and Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir journey are among couples’ most popular and anticipated honeymoon excursions. 

Click Pakistan Tourism Services is working to encourage travel and tourism for local Pakistanis to explore the Skardu Valley, which we offer in our best Pakistan tour packages. Hurry up and customize your trip, or join one of our weekly tours to Pakistan North so that we may assist you in appreciating the natural beauty of Pakistan.

Why should you get Pakistan tours?

Pakistan’s gorgeous natural areas and variety of terrain attract tourists and adventure seekers from all over the world. Pakistan’s lush green valleys, deserts, and mountains have become natural gifts for every tourist visiting Pakistan. Pakistan is a truly multicultural country, with cuisine and various languages. Pakistan tour packages can be booked at any time of the year because of the seasonality of Pakistan’s weather. 

The typical tourists should visit the northern parts of Pakistan during the summer, while winter excursions to the north of Pakistan are for those interested in adventure. The current federal government is strongly inclined to boost tourism in Pakistan and is taking appropriate measures to promote the country’s soft image through tourism. 

In addition, the provincial governments of Pakistan are also mobilizing their province’s travel industries in collaboration with the central government. To achieve the national development strategy, five-year plans have been drawn up for infrastructure projects, construction and upgrading of roads, hotels, new tourism sites, and improvement of existing travel locations in Pakistan.

Why choose us for Pakistan tour Packages?

Click Pakistan Tourism Services has been working with the experience of 10 years in the travel industry and holds a valid license from the Ministry of Tourism under license number DTS 9780. We have served thousands of local and foreign tourists across the globe. We have delighted clients from powerful nations with the most fabulous Pakistan tour packages.

Our top-rated Pakistan tour packages include:

  • Clean luxury vehicles.
  • Professional drivers.
  • Trained tour guides.
  • The best hotels to stay in.
  • Comprehensive tourist spot coverage throughout the journey.

The essential point is that our visitors’ safety is our top priority. That’s why we always stay in touch with local law enforcement and disaster management officials to avoid and address any issues.

Top travel packages in Pakistan tours

Click Pakistan Tourism Services, which provides numerous possibilities to see the most beautiful areas in Pakistan. Although all of Pakistan is worth seeing, here are some places where visitors especially desire Pakistan travel packages. 

Pakistan Tourism Services provides unrivaled discounts on all of Pakistan’s tour packages for 2024. In addition, we provide top-of-the-line adventure vacations to the northern parts of Pakistan. The following are some well-known itineraries:

· Naran kaghan tour packages

· Hunza tour packages

· Swat tour packages

· Skardu tour packages

· Murree tour packages

· Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir tour packages

· Kumrat Valley Tour Packages

· Fairy Meadows Tour Packages

· Adventure Pakistan tour packages

· Historical Pakistan tour packages

Best time to visit Pakistan

Depending on your preferences, you may visit any sector of Pakistan since Pakistan is blessed with four seasons, and each zone experiences unique atmospheric conditions in any given weather. 

Visit Pakistan’s beaches in the summer, and nature lovers can explore Pakistan’s northern regions and Azad Kashmir. Similarly, adventure seekers emerge in the winter. Therefore, Pakistani travel packages that include the north are ideal.

Click Pakistan’s cultural and historical visit packages are ideal for south and middle Punjab travelers.

Geography of Pakistan

Pakistan offers everything a visitor could want in natural beauty, with lovely plains, cold deserts, dense forests, high mountains, and large rivers and lakes. Pakistan’s plateau ranges stretch across southern seaside regions to the northern mountains. 

The Karakoram Mountain Range is 500 kilometers long and home to the world’s most concentrated collection of high peaks, including K2, which rises 8001 meters above sea level.

The Hindu Kush, located in the eastern portion of Afghanistan and northern Pakistan’s north, is another significant mountain range of about 800 kilometers. The highest place in the Hindu Kush range is Tirich Mir (7,708m) in Chitral Province, Pakistan. 

When discussing Pakistan’s geography, the Indus River is impossible to ignore. It is 3200 kilometers long and irrigates much of the world’s largest irrigation network via its tributaries.

The Indus River flows between the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges and plunges through some of the world’s deepest gorges before twisting between them until it emerges in the Punjab and Sindh plains. It has four seasons. 

As a result, Pakistan has a diverse culture, rich colors, and an ever-increasing romance. Pakistan has risen in popularity among tourists. However, Forbes listed Pakistan as the most underappreciated travel destination in 2020. Forbes claims that Wild Frontiers has been touting Pakistan as the next great destination for a couple of years.

Still, with the recent royal visit and official approval from Prince William and Kate Middleton, they believe the destination will continue to be one to monitor. 

“Pakistan is certainly the ultimate adventure travel destination,” founder Jonny Bealby said. It covers 4,000 years of ancient Indus civilizations and fascinating cities such as Lahore with forts, mosques, and palaces. Pakistan is fantastic for trekking, mountain biking, rafting, and cultural touring. “As a result, people are flocking here for the natural beauty, with more visitors than ever before. 

The infrastructure and new hotels have also improved, with resurfaced roads and tunnels shaving off travel time. New luxury hotels are opening in the area at an accelerated rate.”

Best Pakistan tour packages

Pakistan invites visitors to enjoy its natural splendor. Pakistan and honeymoon tour package in 2023 are ideal for seeing southern and northern Pakistan. Our Pakistan tour packages are both affordable and sustainable. 

You may see the beauty of Pakistan while still staying within your budget with our economy and expense-conscious Pakistan itineraries. Here are the top-rated Pakistan itineraries:

·   Pakistan tour packages from Karachi

·   Pakistan tour packages from Lahore

·   Northern areas of Pakistan tour packages

·   Historical Pakistan tour packages

·   Trekking Pakistan tour packages

·   Adventure Pakistan tour Packages

Pakistan tour packages from Karachi

Would you wish to go on a trip to Pakistan from Karachi? Now, look no further because we offer fantastic Pakistan tour packages from Karachi.

Whether you are looking for Pakistan family packages, Pakistan honeymoon packages, or a getaway from Pakistan North with your family and friends, Click Pakistan Tourism Services offers Pakistan tour packages from Karachi to Pakistan’s northern areas. 

Pakistan tour packages from Lahore

Click Pakistan has a vast range of group, honeymoon, and customized family tour packages from Lahore. Moreover, we have a fantastic deal for you. As a result, you may visit Lahore and use Pakistan holiday packages. Here, you will discover the most incredible trip selection for your needs.

Another critical city in Pakistan, Lahore, serves as the country’s cultural center and attracts the most visitors. Apart from its beautiful gardens, the city’s buildings, which are a mix of colonial and Mughal architecture, and its bustling streets and bazaars should be noted.

The Walled City of Lahore, also known as the Inner City, is a densely populated area with a location of about one square kilometer that serves as the city’s beating heart. Lahore has several attractions to keep tourists occupied during their stay, in addition to being a historical and cultural center for over a thousand years.

Lahore Fort, Badshahi Masjid, and Gurdwara are visible reminders of Mughal and Sikh dominance; colonial-Gothic structures encircle the mall from the British Raj, and Gulberg and Defense are home to magnificent villas and fashionable shopping areas.

Northern areas of Pakistan tour packages

Pakistan’s northern areas are among the most popular tourist destinations. Pakistan has a rich culture and a wide range of weather conditions. Its streams, snow-capped mountains, lush green valleys, and revered social meeting places are prominent features. 

Pakistan is one of Asia’s most famous and most visited countries, with more than 30 million foreign tourists visiting annually. As a result, travel packages to this region are accessible here for Pakistan excursions. Northern Pakistan tour packages for 2024 will include natural habitats, culture, tour sites, and honeymoon trips to the area.

Trekking is famous in northern Pakistan in several hilly regions such as Naran Kaghan, Swat, Hunza, Chitral, and Skardu. The areas of the north of Pakistan provide several options for a more extended Tour. In addition, there are summer festivals in Chitral and various sports activities, such as the polo festival at the world’s highest polo ground, held in the area. 

Furthermore, skiers flock to Malam Jabba in Pakistan’s northern region, Swat, where they can participate in these activities during winter visits.

Pakistani camping excursions are also quite popular in the northern regions. With friends and family, outdoor activities like camping become more thrilling, especially in Swat, where Mahodand Lake allows you to participate.

So, the conclusion is that you must visit the northern regions of Pakistan at least once in your life because you won’t be able to see them if you are a nature lover.

Historical Pakistan Tour packages

When you travel to a new area, it’s only natural that you want to learn everything you can about it as a form of enrichment. As we all know, learning is fascinating, so we created a historical Pakistan tour vacation and Pakistan tour package to offer you an authentic view of Pakistan’s historical monuments.

 Visit some of Pakistan’s historical attractions, such as the Shalimar Gardens in Lahore and the Faisal Mosque, a lovely architectural structure built in 1976 in Islamabad. The Pakistan Monument, which serves as a cultural touchstone, the Tomb of Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Mazar-e-Quaid)

Adventure Pakistan Tour packages

Do you want to go on a thrilling excursion or something more exciting? We’ll keep everyone engaged and interested throughout your stay with activities such as rock climbing, rafting, diving, skiing, skydiving, horseback riding, and cycling. 

Given that adventure Pakistan tours are meant to push you outside of your comfort zone while exposing you to various possibilities in your life, we provide you with the opportunity to do so in Pakistan tour packages.

You may capture the essence of cross-country journeys while participating in various activities during excursions. Click Pakistan has fantastic adventure Pakistan holiday packages that are cost-effective yet full of fun and excitement.

Cultural Pakistan Tour packages

Pakistan’s vibrant culture reflects the richness of its people’s diverse histories. Click Pakistan can help you plan your trip to Pakistan’s historical sites. Pakistan’s culture and history are fascinating, and there is much to learn from the abovementioned areas. 

You can discover Sindh, Harappa, Mohenjo Daro, the Gandhara dynasty monasteries, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which have much to teach you about Pakistan’s culture and history.

Pakistan tour packages allow you to soak up Pakistan’s cultural diversity. Traveling to these historical sites in Pakistan will remind you how previous societies have influenced the area’s history. You may also discover delicious cuisines from around the world, influenced by diverse civilizations.