Affordable Pakistan Group Tour Packages 2024- Cheap Group Tours by Click Pakistan

We offer Pakistan tour packages that are up to date with comparably low prices, non-compromised services, and relatively inexpensive. Moreover, we choose highly secure and safe places in all aspects. 

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List of the Best Group Tour Packages Pakistan (Weekly Departures)

Swat Malam Jabba2Friday, 28 June 24Lahore / Islamabad10,000 PKR
Shogran Siri Paye2Friday, 28 June 24Lahore / Islamabad10,000 PKR
Naran & Shogran3Thursday, 27 June 24Lahore / Islamabad14,500 PKR
Neelum Valley Kashmir3Thursday, 27 June 24Lahore / Islamabad15,000 PKR
Swat Kalam Valley3Thursday, 27 June 24Lahore / Islamabad14,000 PKR
Kumrat Valley 3Thursday, 27 June 24Lahore / Islamabad16,500 PKR
Kumrat Jahaz Banda4Not AvailableLahore / Islamabad14,000 PKR
Hunza Valley 5Friday, 28 June 24Lahore / Islamabad27,500 PKR
Fairy Meadows 5Friday, 28 June 24Lahore / Islamabad23,500 PKR
Skardu & Shigar 7Friday, 28 June 24Lahore / Islamabad32,000 PKR
Skardu & Hunza Valley8Friday, 28 June 24Lahore / Islamabad40,000 PKR