Best Things to Do in Hunza Valley | Top Attractions & Must Visit Places in 2023

Pakistan is a blessed country with dynamic landscapes, gushing rivers, lakes, towering mountains, natural waterfalls, glaciers, cold deserts, a diversity of cultures, and delicious food with locals’ unique hospitality. But Hunza valley stood tall among all the beautiful places in Pakistan. The mountainous valley is situated in the extreme northern part of Gilgit Baltistan near the Pak-China border called Khunjrab pass.

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 Hunza valley tour is no less than a dream for tourists worldwide and is often referred to as the valley as paradise on earth. This beautiful valley, surrounded by the grand Himalayas and the Karakoram mountain range, makes it different from all other places. A few years back, some foreign media outlets raised some questions about whether Hunza valley is safe for tourists.

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Pakistan’s name is the top holiday destination

But Pakistan’s name is the top holiday destination for travelers for 2020 to well-known luxury and lifestyle magazine Conde Nast Traveler, and the Royal visit of Britain’s Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and William Duke of Cambridge killed all types of rumors about either Pakistan is a secure county for tourism. Pakistan’s security situation has changed now, and it is an entirely safe and sound country for tourists.

Karimabad, Hunza Valley Things To Do Map

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What is the best time to visit Hunza valley?

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In the region of Gilgit Baltistan (Hunza & Skardu), the spring season is an astounding natural beauty of the year. Colors of cherry blossom vegetation in contrast with the terrain and sky. This weather started in the first week of April and is considered one of the best times to visit Hunza valley. There are no more tourists during this time, hotels are available at very cheap rates, and transport is also available at very economical prices. Thus you can plan your trip to enjoy the tranquil and serene with speaking mountains beauty of Hunza valley during this time.

May To September is ideal to visit Hunza

Although the summer season (May to September) is also good to refresh yourself in the cool and pleasant weather, other parts of the country plunged into scorching weather during this period. October and November are also acceptable. The temperature lies above 0. Still, after the mid of December to the end of February, it is very severe and decreases to 8 to 10 C.

Hotels in Hunza Valley (Karimabad)

Hunza Valley is located at a distance of 101 km from Gilgit, the capital city of Gilgit-Baltistan, which gives you absolute calm, a serene, and a refreshing mood of life. The valley offers all types of hotels, from luxury to standard. Tourism activity is growing every day, and people (locals & foreigners) love to make the Hunza valley tour. You can find out budget hotels with basic amenities for a maximum of 30 USD/night (Double room) in peak season and 20 USD in the offseason. Here are the names of some best hotels in Hunza valley.

  1. Serena Inn Hunza
  2. Luxus Attabad Resort
  3. Fammri Resort Attabad
  4. Horizon Resort Attabad
  5. Hard Rock Hunza Resort & Villas
  6. Hunza Darbar Hotel
  7. Roomy Dastaan Hotel
  8. The Legand Hotel
  9. Eagle Nest Hotel Duiker
  10. Gulmit Continental Hotel
  11. Hunza View Hotel
  12. Hunza Hidden Place 
  13. Old Hunza Inn
  14. Baltit Heritage Inn
  15. Borith Lake Hotel & Resort

Daily Budget 

Travel to Hunza Valley Budget Planing by Click Pakistan

It depends on your traveling style about the daily expense during your stay and excursion in the valley. If you are sticky with your allocated budget, use public transportation, stay in a basic hotel, and take no more meals. You can manage your budget around 30 to 50 USD per day per person (estimated on my calculation), including accommodation and three-time food that looks very cheap compared to other countries in the world.

Is there internet in Hunza valley?

Internet in Hunza Valley By Click Pakistan

Yes. Internet service is available in most parts of Hunza Valley Gilgit-Baltistan. But somewhere you have to face the problem with its speed, and often it even does not work. But mainly a class hotels provide Wi-Fi connectivity to their guests in rooms, and at some hotels, it is available only at reception. The internet service is relatively slow, but the main towns of the region are okay.

Which mobile network works best in Hunza

Almost all mobile network companies ( Jazz Telenor, Ufone, Zong, Warid & Nescom) provide services worldwide, including Hunza valley. Telenor and Nescom are said to be much better than other networks.

Travel Insurance

 If you are planning to explore Pakistan and want travel insurance for your trip, we would recommend, which has the best feedback from travelers worldwide. 

What To Pack For Hunza (Karimabad)

Managing your packing is an art, and as much as it will be lighter in weight, it will give you comfort in your traveling. 

Have a look at a few tips on what to pack for your trip to Karimabad, Pakistan:

  • Walking/Hiking Shoes
  • Breathable Shirts
  • Outer Shell Jacket
  • Microfiber Towel
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Camera
  • Power Bank
  • Water Bottle
  • Universal Adapter
  • Packing Cubes
  • Daypack
  • Large Backpack

A distance of Hunza from Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore

There are two ways to approach Hunza Valley by choosing Naran, Babusar pass, or Besham Dasu road via Karakorum Highway. Naran, Babusar pass is the best and fast way with stunning landscapes on both sides of the road, but this road remains closed from September to the end of May due to heavy snow.

The distance of Hunza valley from Islamabad via Naran, Babusar Pass is 611 km and around 12 hours’ drive, and by air from Islamabad to Gilgit, it is only 45 minute’s flight. Travel by airplane is more convenient and comfortable, but you will miss many spectacular landscape views that only be seen when traveling by road. One more issue of airplane travel is that 20 to 30 percent of flights are canceled because of weather conditions. Hunza’s distance from Islamabad via Karakorum Highway is 570 km, and it will take around 13 hours to drive. The distance of Hunza valley from Karachi is 1980 and from Lahore 2120 km via national highways.


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Hunza to Khunjrab pass distance

The Pak-China border’s distance known as Khunjrab pass from Hunza valley (Karimabad) is around 173 km. It leads via the Karakorum highway, one of the world’s most paved international roads connecting Western China and Pakistan.

Hunza Valley weather

In the region of Gilgit Baltistan (Hunza & Skardu), the season of spring is an astounding natural beauty of the year. Colors of cherry blossom vegetation in contrast with the terrain and sky. This weather started in the first week of April and is considered one of the best times to visit Hunza valley. Because there are no more tourists during this time, hotels are available at very cheap rates; thus, you can enjoy the tranquility and serenity of speaking mountains’ beauty. Although the summer season ( May to September) is the best weather to make the Hunza Valley tour, October and November are also fine. The temperature lies above 0. Still, after the mid of December to the end of February, it is very severe and decreases to 8 to 10 C.

 Hunza valley pics

 To see the fantastic pictures of the Hunza valley, you can visit our gallery section. And if any of you have beautiful images of your Hunza Valley tour, please share them with us at We will publish your picture on our website and all social media platforms with your name, and thanks.

Hunza Valley Map

Hunza Valley Map By Click Pakistan - Tourism Services

It is effortless to get Hunza valley locations, distances, and any information you can search. Google here is giving the Hunza valley map for your consideration.

Is it safe to visit the Hunza valley?

Hunza Valley (Gilgit-Baltistan) region is secure and considered one of the country’s most peaceful areas even though all of Pakistan is safe. There are no security issues, especially after a successful operation by Pakistan security forces against some militants near the Pak-Afghan border. Now all areas had been cleared, and Pakistan is just as safe as Europe. There is a zero crime ratio in the valley. The people of the valley are very hospitable, cooperative, and happy to receive guests in their areas. Hunza Valley is a hundred percent secure and peaceful as same in central Europe.

How far is Hunza from Naran?

 It is a beautiful way that leads to Hunza from Naran. On both sides of the road, you can see Nature talking with you. Towering verdant mountains having snow on the top, it is a fantastic experience to enjoy the landscape via Babusar Pass. Hunza’s distance from Naran is about 313 km and takes approximately 6 hours to reach Hunza valley.

Does Hunza has snow?

Yes. Hunza valley weather in winter gets freezing, severe, and live snowfall can be seen there. Even in summer, snow can find on the peaks of the mountain.

Is it safe to travel the Karakorum Highway?

The Karakoram Highway is one of the highest-paved international roads globally and is considered the safest part of Pakistan. Locals and foreign tourists love to travel on the Karakoram highway. It is not only safe but has a breathtaking scene of landscape.

15 Things To Do in Hunza Valley 

All of Pakistan’s Northern areas are heavenly beautiful, but especially when you enter into this region of Gilgit Baltistan (Hunza Valley), mesmerizing beauty embrace and take you to another world. Hunza Valley tour is one of the most famous and demanding trips among locals and foreign tourists. Hunza Valley tour has become a top attraction, especially for foreign tourists. People travel to the Gilgit-Baltistan region from all over the world, but Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Europe are among the most visited countries.

Here we will describe the most incredible things to do to make the most of your tour in the Hunza valley.

1. Rakaposhi Mountain View

Rakaposhi View Point Hunza Valley by Click Pakistan

Hunza and Skardu are known for their incredible massive sky mountains. Rakaposhi (Snow covered in the local language) is a stunning mountain in the Karakoram range located in Nager Valley, about 100 km north of the city, and is also recognized as Dumani (“Mother of Mist”).  You can see the world’s highest mountain peaks Ladyfinger Peak (7,400m), Ultra Sar (7,500m), and the spectacular Rakaposhi right from Karimabad. If you want to enjoy the real beauty of Rakaposhi, try waking up early to witness the majestic white Rakaposhi. Rakaposhi ranked 27th highest in the world and 12th highest in Pakistan.

2. Altit Fort and Royal Garden

Altit Fort Hunza Valley | Click Pakistan - Tourism Services

 The Fort is also a great reason to make the valley popular among tourists. It was the home of Ruler Mir of Hunza and an 1100-year-old ancient monument that is surrounded by apricot, cherry, and peach trees garden. It can be approached in 30 minutes walk or 15 minutes drive from Karimabad town. 

 3. Climb to Baltit Fort

Baltit Fort Karaimabad Hunza Valley | Click Pakistan - Tourism Services

 Baltit Fort is 700 years old architectural monument and was the residence of the Crown prince of Hunza. You can take a complete view of Karimabad & Hunza Valley from Baltit Fort. A steep track leads towards the fort from Karimabad, a small bazaar of local belongings where you can get clothes, gemstones, instruments, and traditional Hunzai food. (complete details about the food of Hunza read ahead) It will take 20 minutes hard steep hike to reach the fort. The view from the fort is stunning, and you can take a clear picture of Rakaposhi and Diran peaks from here. Spare some time, visit the fort with a local guide, and enjoy local snacks with a cup of tea.

 4. Eagle’s Nest for Sunset 

Eagle Nest Sunset Duaker Hunza Valley | Click Pakistan - Tourism Services

 Though it takes some effort to climb up to this fantastic place, I dame sure to say that you will remember this breathtaking view of sunset for the rest of your life once you reach there.

5. Visit Ganish Village

Ganish Village Hunza Valley | Click Pakistan

 Ganish village is the oldest and first settlement on the ancient Silk Road in the Hunza Valley dating back a thousand years. It is said that people from different areas came to settle and grew here. There are various ancient sites, mosques, watchtowers, religious centers,s and reservoirs. If you are a history lover, it is worth visiting place for you.

 6. Karakorum Highway

Karakorum Highway Passu cones | Click Pakistan

Traveling on the Karakoram highway takes you in the wonder of the majestic beauty of the mountain and the multi-color landscape of your journey. It is the highest paved international road in the world that connects Pakistan with China.

7. Boating at Attabad Lake 

Attabad Lake Hunza Valley | Click Pakistan

You make a tour of the Hunza but do not visit Attabad lake. It will consider that you do not see anything in the Hunza valley. Attabad lake is one of the most worth-visiting spots that offers an incredible experience with eye-catching mountain scenery. The lake is surrounded by towering mountains; its emerald and blue water give the view a sheer sense of wonder. Boat riding and jet skiing make your day as memorable as ever. It was formed in 2010 after a massive landslide. You can approach the lake from Shishkat and Gojal valley. It is around 14 km long and has a spectacular view of mountainous beauty.

8. Experience the Luxus Hunza at Attabad

Luxus Hunza attabad Resort | Click Pakistan - Tourism Services

If you are on a honeymoon trip and looking for something special stay, Luxus Hunza is the perfect choice for you. It is a 5-star hotel right on the neck of the lake. Witnessing the gigantic mountainous beauty on the edge of the shining blue water is a fantastic experience of a lifetime.

9. Adventurous walk on Hussaini Bridge 

Hussaini Suspension Bridge Hunza Valley | Click Pakistan

On the 30 minutes drive from Attabad lake, Hussaini bridge (400 wooden planks tied with steel rope) is one more thrilling spot for adventure lovers. The bridge is called one of the most dangerous bridges in the world.

10. Borith Lake – Enjoy the tranquillity of Nature

Broith Lake Hunza valley | Click Pakistan Tourism Services

Borith Lake is among the best spot of camping sites. It can be approached via a 2-kilometer unpaved jeep route from Hussaini village. The lake is gorgeous to enjoy the calmness of Nature. It is also a home of migrated ducks coming from the south from March to June.

11. Wandering in Karimabad Local Market 

Karimabad Bazar Hunza Valley | Click Pakistan Tourism Services

Karimabad’s local market consists of shops and something different that fall in love with its magical beauty and enchanting views of the stunning landscape. Wandering into cobbled streets and enjoying unique culture and food is a lifetime experience. You can find out fantastic things in the shops like gemstones, antiques, handicrafts, local jewelry, and handmade dresses.  

12. Café de Hunza

Cafe De Hunza Karimabad Hunza Valley | Click Pakistan - Tourism Services

Café de Hunza is famous for its western-style coffee, snacks, and delicious walnut cake. The café also serves traditional herbal tea with ingredients native to the nearby Pamir Plateau. The more beautiful thing is the great view of the valley from the balcony on the third floor of the cafe.

13. Khunjrab Pass (Pakistan-China border)

Khunjrab Pass (Pak-China Border) | Click Pakistan - Tourism Services

Located at a three-hour drive from the main town of Karimabad, Khunrab Pass, commonly referred to as the Pak-China border and is the highest tourist point on the Karakoram Highway. Passionate travelers put it in their schedule whenever they visit the Hunza valley or Gilgit.

14. Minapin Village and Rakaposhi Base camp Trek 

Minapan Village Nager Valley | Click Pakistan Tourism Services

Minapan is a truly Shangri-La of the Gilgit Baltistan and located only 5 km away from the Karakorum Highway. The village is also known for its apricots, cherries, traditions, and organic foods. Minapan village leads the way to Rakaposhi base camp which is the very shortest and easiest trek to above 7000 M Karakoram peaks base camps.

15. Hopar Valley 

Hopar Valley Nager | Click Pakistan

Hope Valley is one more extremely spectacular landscape of natural beauty located 10 km away from Nager Khas. A beautiful small road with apricot trees and beautiful streams will lead to a hoper glacier covered with mud and dust. You can roam the village to observe the stunning views, and either you can do a night stay here or get back to Karimabad. Basic facilities hotels are available here for around 12 to 20 USD/master bed with hot shower.

Hunza Valley Foods

People have a curiosity to know about Hunza valley people 100 plus age secret. One of the most concrete reasons behind local people’s good health is organic Hunza food, water, pure weather, and hard-working habits.

Here are some famous traditional foods of the valley:

Traditional Hunza valley Food by Click Pakistan Tour and Travel Services

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