Hussaini Suspension Bridge Hunza Pakistan

Hussaini Suspension Bridge is Pakistan’s most dangerous rope bridge, but it is only one of many hazardous rope bridges in the north, Gulmit Hunza valley.Β According to residents, at least ten people have fallen from the bridge. In addition, the inhospitable Karakoram Range, which is home to the world’s most dangerous bridge, makes crossing this structure even more hazardous.

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Overview of Hussaini Suspension Bridge - Hussaini Suspension Bridge Hunza Pakistan


In Pakistan, the Hussaini Suspension Bridge, which spans the Hunza River and is one of the world’s longest bridges, is a must-see. It was built to cross the Hunza River. The current bridge was constructed in 1994 after a previous suspension bridge washed away during floods. The fact is that this region is known for its winds, which explains why the first bridge built of thin ropes and planks was almost entirely destroyed. However, next to the current bridge, some remaining components may be seen, which only adds to the thrill for tourists.

The Hussaini Suspension Bridge, on the other hand, is not trustworthy. It was built with the simplest materials – ropes and planks. Hussaini Suspension Bridge is one of the oldest in the Hunza region. Even locals are unaware of the exact date of its construction. Planks have begun to disintegrate, and there have been significant gaps between the boards for many years. Getting across Hunza is incredibly hazardous due to large holes in the bridge and an unrelenting wind that never stops blowing.

Hussaini Suspension Bridge Length:

Hussaini Suspension Bridge Overview - Hussaini Suspension Bridge Hunza Pakistan


It isn’t easy, at least on three crossings at 3 kilometres. The planks are made from long-lasting steroids and take much longer to cover than those of the Hanging Bridge, planked close to the ground. All genders may cross this bridge, although Passu suspension is more difficult for new and novice travellers. According to the locals, the bridge was built 70 years ago and has been increasingly popular over time. It is currently the second-longest pedestal suspension bridge, with the first being in Canada most likely. The Passu cones seem to be kissing heaven in the northern sky. On this bridge, you may walk across it or kayak down it.

Hussaini Suspension Bridge Length - Hussaini Suspension Bridge Hunza Pakistan

The Passu Hussaini Suspension Bridge is just a stone’s throw from the Passu Hunza Crossing. This dangerous and magnificent bridge can be reached in around 40 minutes by foot from Passu. The hiking path is easy enough that even those not physically fit may follow it. However, approximately 400 steps must be climbed to get across the bridge. The length of this bridge is uncertain, but we may guess 900 to 1000 feet. This suspension bridge has been well-engineered, with hanging ropes on both ends. The Hussaini Bridge is one of the few vantages.

Location of Bridge:

Where is Hussaini Suspension Bridge? Hussaini Suspension Bridge is located in Gulmet Hunza Pakistan. This bridge, around 30 years old, was recently restored by local authorities. It’s a border crossing between two villages on the outskirts of town. In Pakistan, the longest pedestrian bridge exists. The most astounding thing to accomplish before making your final touch at Hussaini Hanging Bridge Hunza is to submit your memory. Yes, submit your trip memory to a local shop over there. A woman in the neighbourhood had this concept a few years ago. Like all others that have appeared, this idea has gained popularity, and she has received over 2000 handwritten notes on currencies, gems, jewellery fragments, and papers since then. The Hussaini Bridge is a popular tourist destination in Hunza, and it is part of Asia’s first plastic-free zone in the region.

Location of the bridge

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Hussaini Bridge Safe?

The bridge looks risky; however, the Hussaini is a secure bridge. It has become one of the most visited attractions, with hikers testing their nervous ability as they are carefully crossway.

How long is the Hussaini Hanging Bridge?

The most dangerous bridge in the world is relatively 635ft long. The hanging bridge is made of wooden planks and rope with huge gaps between the wooden planks and rope.

How do I get to Hussaini Bridge?

When you pass the Gulmit village, the Hussaini bridge is situated over a Hunza river. Therefore a car parking is available on the main KKH. So you have to walk downhill for 15 to 20 minutes to reach the bridge.

What is on the other side of Hussaini Bridge?Β 

Hussaini bridge was built under the Era of British rule in the village of Shishkat in Gojal. However, during Karakoram highway construction, this bridge was shifted from Shishkat village to Hussaini village in 1968 on the orders of Mir of Hunza to connect the town of Zarabad on the other side of the river.

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