Things to Do in Katora Lake Kumrat Valley : A Complete Guide by Click Pakistan

Katora Lake Kumrat Valley Upper Dir is located in the highest reaches of Jahaz Banda. This spectacular area is located in the Upper Dir District of KPK. Katora lake is relatively calm but radiates beauty and aesthetic appeal. The water is a crystal clear greenish-blue due to this. Katora symbolizes the “bowl” in Pashto (Bowl Shaped). People frequently ask where Katora Lake is in Pakistan.

It is a prevalent query from the traveler: where is Katora Lake in Pakistan? So the first place to start is with the village of Thal, which lies a 4 to 5 hours trek to Jahaz Banda. Trekkers stay at camps beneath the billion stars of Jahaz Banda Meadows after completing their trip. The next day, 3 to 4 hours of trekking to reach the Katora lake. Exploring the lake from Lahore or Islamabad takes at least 4 days.

Katora Lake Kumrat valley upper dir became famous once Prime Minister Imran Khan visited these areas. So if you plan to visit these majestic natural beauties of the land, join us in our regular group tour of 4 days to Kumrat valley, Katora Lake, and Jahaz Banda, or customize the trip as per your schedule and budget. Click Pakistan will make sure your money and time are valuable.

How to Reach Katora Lake

There are 4 ways to reach Jahaz Banda and Katora lake

  1. You can join our 4 day 3 nights group tour of Kumrat Valley & Katora Lake (14,500 PKR per head price)
  1. Drive your vehicle up to THAL and then rent a 4×4 Jeep to reach Takki Banda
  2. Book public transport to reach THAL and then reach Takki Banda on 4×4.
  3. You may also drive your motorbike there to TAKKI BANDA (and there is adequate parking for bikers at the tuckshop)

Note: Your vehicle will reach till Thall (a kind of base camp for everything in that valley). Jeeps can be hired to do either Jahaz Banda or Kumrat Valley from Thall. It is suggested to park your vehicle in Thall.

Accommodation or Camping at Jahaz Banda

It will help if you remember that you’re going on an adventure journey, taking you to a region with no development yet. These locations are for people who like hiking, trekking, and want to spend some time in nature. Therefore, you should never expect such excellent amenities and attention, as in Naran, Shogran, Murree, or Nathiagali, which have been established for more than 50 years. First, you should spend the night in Jahaz Banda meadows, a lovely and peaceful location. Accommodation (Tents & Wooden Rooms) is available here at reasonable prices.

Jahaz Banda Fare range (1000-1500 PKR) If you’re unfamiliar with the area the following day, hire a guide/porter for a minimal fee. If you can’t walk far, hire a horse to take you close to the lake for around (2000 PKR) return trips.

The beauty of the lake is mesmerizing. You would forget all your tiredness once you reached there.

Jeeps Fare from Thal

Thall Jeeps or 4WD vehicles can transport you to the highest points of Takki Top, where the actual trek for Jahaz Banda begins. From Thall to Takki Top Jahaz Banda Meadows and then back to Thall, the fare is between 12000 and 14000 PKR for one or two night stay at Jahaz Banda.

Katora Lake (Jheel) Trek Track Time

Even if you feel strong, you should still hire the jeep as far as Takki Top. The actual trek to Jahaz Banda begins from there, which takes approximately 4-6 hours. Again, depending on your strength and endurance. It is a challenging trek that is not suitable for families with children.

Food Availablity at Kumrat Valley & Katora Lake

While there are tuck shops and kitchen shacks in the area, you should keep in mind that Jahaz Banda (or Kumrat) is a camping and adventure site. Thus you shouldn’t expect top-notch amenities and cuisine choices. However, locals will try their best to feed you chicken, dal, rice, and other foods; thank them instead of being dissatisfied or complaining about the taste or sanitary standards.

During your trekking excursions, we always advise guests not to eat roti, naan, or bread since the following day would involve a Katora Lake trek and require 9 hours (both ways) of hiking. So pack some munchies or bring along noodles, dry fruits, and other snacks with you.

Electricity And Charging Facility 

There is no electricity in Jahaz Banda peak. Solar panels have been installed on people’s huts, which are only capable of LED lights but not your mobile phone or drone batteries. So pack some power banks and extra batteries with you if you plan on staying for a while. You would be unable to access the internet but may still make phone calls. There are no mobile signals at Katora Lake (or KUMRAT VALLEY), which means you can’t use your phone there.

Security Situation in Kumrat Valley, Jahaz Banda

The Upper DIR region is exceptionally welcoming and poses no security concerns while traveling to Kumrat Valley or Jahaz Banda. People are genuinely kind, offering you free things as a goodwill gesture. In addition, there are no wild animals in this area when it comes to camping. So you can rest assured that you won’t be disturbed.

Be Careful While hiring Jeep

Unfortunately, THAL Jeep drivers are so unprofessional and inflexible. They are just getting into the tourism business, and having no prior experience, so they lack professional ethics. Be extremely wary of them while negotiating, and we strongly recommend taping your conversation on your phone as you finalize the Jeep reservation and drop-off location. For example, You and your friends agreed to meet the Jeep owner at Takki Banda for 2500 rupees. As a result, they’ll either drop you 2 kilometers before Takki Banda or will charge you 4000 rupees extra (which was their original asking price).

Katora Lake Distance from Lahore Islamabad

The distance between Lahore and Katora Lake is about 680 kilometers. Therefore, it will take 12 to 13 hours from Lahore. On the other hand, the distance from Islamabad to Jahaz Banda, also known as Katora Lake, is approximately 460 kilometers, taking 9 to 10 hours.

Katora Lake Weather and Temperature

From June to October is the optimum time to visit Katora Lake. However, from November to May, heavy snowfall covered the trek of Lake.

Katora Lake Height or Altitude:

Katora Lake’s elevation is 11,500 feet above sea level.

Jahaz Banda to Katora Lake Distance:

When you’re rested and energized, you may go for a stroll on Katora Lake. The journey from Jahaz Banda to Katora Lake is around 4.5 kilometers. It takes 3 to 4 hours to ascend and traverse straight up on specific stretches. You will encounter numerous large and tiny round stones while walking.

Kumrat Valley to Katora Lake Distance:

The distance from Kumrat Valley to Katora Lake is about 22 kilometers. Therefore, the jeep trek from Kumrat to Takki Top takes around 1.5 hours. After that, the journey to Jahaz Banda takes 3-4 hours.

Kalam Valley to Katora Lake Distance:

The journey from kalam takes three to four hours, followed by the same trek as previously described.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_text_separator title=”” color=”black” border_width=”2″][vc_column_text]

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