PC Malam Jabba: A Great Attraction for Tourists

PC (Pearl Continental Hotel) is a perfectΒ winter destinationΒ in Malam Jabba. The destination wears a white shawl of snow in the winter, making it a white wonderland and providing many adventure opportunities to tourists. Malam Jabba is the ultimate winter getaway for those seeking the snow-covered peaks of Swat Valley with their natural beauty. Snowfall might be a routine for those living in Northern areas, but it attracts tourists from other parts of the country to enjoy the white snow-covered landscape and participate in various snow-related activities.

Though the summer seasons make it bustling with tourists, they experience the lush meadows and dense forest of Swat and Kalam Valleys and enjoy the beauty of glacial lakes, of which their favorite is Mahodand Lake Kalam. But when winter comes, the Swat Valley turns into a dazzling wonderland for tourists, offering them many opportunities for adventure and entertainment, the most stunning live snowfall.

Malam Jabba Winter Attraction

Many people visit the valley during the winter to enjoy the snow-capped scenery. Malam Jabba, Gabin Jabba, Miandam, Matiltan, Kalam, Utror, Gabral, Ploga Village, and Mahodand Lake are mountain resorts where visitors can spend their winter vacations.Β 

The snowfall starts in December, ends in February, and only melts in March. You can do several things around the area, including visiting the PC Malam Jabba. Tourists from the whole country and other regions visit the Swat Valley at peak times when it’s hot, the snow is melting, and the river is running fast and full of fish.

It is recommended that you always need to check the weather conditions before visiting the Valley. Also, before touring Malam Jabba in the winter season, please purchase warm clothing, ski equipment, snow chains, and other appropriate things. While tourists find Swat both fascinating and inspiring, there are plenty of outdoor activities for visitors, including skiing, a Zipline in PC Malam Jabba, and a visit to the stunning Mahodand Lake.

PC Malam Jabba Activities

Mallam Jabba Zip Lining - How Are PC Malam Jabba Activities Attracting Tourists In Swat?











Winter tourism in Swat is the best for those seeking adventure and fun. There are many attractions in Swat and Kalam. We’ve been to Malam Jabba to experience snow activities this season and even took the cable car and zip line. Those who want to get involved with snow sports must visit Swat in winter.

Here are some exciting tourist activities in PC Malam Jabba.

Cable car

Alpine skiing

Ski festival

Snow sculpture


Ice roll

Zip Lining

Mallam Jabba Ski Festival - How Are PC Malam Jabba Activities Attracting Tourists In Swat?











You will never forget the majestic view of the white palace of Malam Jabba. The Kalam Valley Ski Championships were once a major attraction in the Kalam Valley. People would come from around the country to watch the vehicle weaving between Mahodand and Kalam.
It’s always interesting to see the speed at which heavy vehicles go on the slippery, icy tracks during Jeep racing. Furthermore, Jeep racing on the snow-covered track in Mahodand and Kalam energizes tourists.

Mallam Jabba Chair Lift - How Are PC Malam Jabba Activities Attracting Tourists In Swat?











Tourists visiting Malam Jabba were surprised to see a Jeep running in the snow. It is indeed an ideal place for adventure. The government should focus on using this potential to promote winter tourism. However, PC Malam Jabba is undoubtedly trying to bring more tourists to Swat Valley.

Final Thought:

A newly constructed Swat motorway made it easy to reach Malam Jabba, only a 4-hour drive from Islamabad. PC Malam Jabba accommodates tourists with premium services and spectacular views from its rooms. Adventure lovers have many activities in one place, either zip-line chairlifts or ski activities. Malam Jabba Ski Resort has become a playing field for skiing, ice skating, and ice hockey.

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