Malam Jabba: A Famous Ski Resort & Tourist Attraction

Malam Jabba is a breathtaking Hill Station located 42 kilometers west of Saidu Sharif and approximately 300 kilometers northwest of Islamabad in Swat Valley. Malam Jabba, a famous ski resort & tourist attraction that has become the most popular holiday location in recent years, has welcomed visitors from all over Pakistan with the same passion and zest every year.

It’s a winter tourist destination that provides breathtaking scenery and has a variety of thrilling activities available that people would previously travel to other countries for. After establishing a five-star hotel namedΒ Pearl ContinentalΒ on the top of the hill, giving a spectacular view of the valley from its rooms and installing the zipline, it also attracts tourists experiencing this thrilling ride of the zipline. Here are why you should visit Malam Jabba on your next holiday.

The finest ski resort in the country

Malam Jabba is Pakistan’s largest and finest ski resort, with skiers swirling around it yearly. The Malam Jabba Ski Resort, which the Samsons Group now owns, has a ski slope of 800 meters and a height of 2804 m (9200 ft) above sea level. During the Taliban’s occupation of Swat, some militants destroyed it. However, now that Swat is free and safe, the resort has been rebuilt to its former splendor.

Other than skiing, guests may participate in various other activities, such as hiking and trekking. Every year, a ski championship is also held in which skiers participate worldwide. The KPK government supports this championship and makes security and other arrangements to make it happen smoothly.

Two trekking routes near the resort provide stunning panoramic views. The Shangla Top is a trek of about 18 kilometers from the facility. With breathtaking views, you may also enjoy a heavenly chairlift ride. Ice skating and ziplining services are also available.

Rich history

The Swat Valley is chock-full of ancient, important relics from past civilizations that ruled over these areas. Some of them may be found in Malam Jabba as well. Six Buddhist stupas and six monasteries dating back almost 2000 years can be found throughout the vast Malam Jabba, home to six Buddhist temples.

Stunning landscape

Pakistan has been exceptionally fortunate when it comes to breathtaking scenery. Malam Jabba is one of the most exciting, action-packed places to take in the magnificent, godly vistas of Hindu Kush. The snow-capped buildings, the cold weather, crystal clear streams, and the locals’ hospitality are all a treat for the tourists traveling to this beautiful place.

Places to Visit in Malam Jabba

As we previously said, there are six Buddhist Stupas and almost six Monasteries on the island. All of the stupas and monasteries are open to the public, and you can learn more about Buddhism’s history by going there. In ancient times, all of these locations were owned by Buddhists, who erected stone god sculptures. Near Malam Jabba Resort, there are two hiking trails. One journey goes through the Ghorband Valley and Shangla Top, while the other passes by the Sabonev Valley.

Things to do in Malam Jabba

  1. Ski Activities
  2. Chairlift ride
  3. Zipline thrilling ride
  4. Visit Pearl Continental Hotel
  5. Enjoy leisure time at a ski resort

How is the road from Islamabad to Malam Jabba?

After the construction of the Swat motorway, it has become very comfortable and scenic to travel to Swat. The distance between Malam Jabba and Islamabad is approximately 314 kilometers.

So how can you get there? It is determined by the mode of transportation you use. The new Swat motorway is open if you’re driving your automobile there. In addition, people from Islamabad can utilize the Islamabad-Peshawar road to reach Malam Jabba. The Kernal Sher Khan interchange connects the Swat motorway with the Islamabad-Peshawar highway.

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