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Are you looking for the best Pakistani food? There are many varieties and types of Pakistani foods to amuse you while adding to your happiness during your visit to Pakistan. We want to introduce to you all primary Pakistani foods that local and foreign people eat with delight.

1. Nihari

Nihari is a famous Pakistani food in the Punjab Province of Pakistan. People think Nihari is a delicious breakfast, and some foreigners rate Nihari as the best breakfast in the world. It is cooked with delicious spices and fried in good cooking oil. Beef is also used in Nihari, adding to its overall taste. You begin to feel hungry when you see fully cooked pieces of meat floating in desi ghee. In the next moment, you start enjoying it. Remember that the Nihari dish has one decorated plate of sliced ginger and green chilies with one or two pieces of lemon. If you are in Lahore, Waris Nihari is the shop to attract you, and Javed Nihari will hold your attention if you are in Karachi.
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2. Kabuli Pulao

Kabuli Pulao is a famous food in both Pakistan & Afghanistan. People in Pakistan attach a lot of importance to this dish. Kabuli food is a dish that people make with rice fried in oil. Cooks also use a lot of spices in Kabuli Pulao. Chefs also use many pieces of mutton or beef to enhance the taste and value of this food. The smell of Kabuli Pulao is something that you feel even from a distance. It looks gorgeous, and its taste is so delicious. You will surely remember it a lot once you eat it.
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3. Karahi

Karahi is a very famous food for almost all the people of Pakistan. Even small shops in Pakistan manage to prepare it and sell it. Chefs prepare it with a goat, but most chefs make it with chicken or shrimp. Usually, it starts with tomatoes, onions, and some meat. Whenever people of Pakistan locate it on a food table, they just readily express their wish to eat it.
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4. Haleem

Haleem is also a very delicious dish with barley, local wheat varieties, and chickpeas. It is food, the cooking of which is prolonged. An almost full day is spent cooking it. Onions, mint leaves, green and dried chilies, chicken pieces, spices, and garnish are the items to prepare Haleem. It is the best food to eat as your lunch while visiting Pakistan.
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5. Halwa Puri

Halwa Puri is a delicious Pakistani food that people eat for breakfast. The thinly rolled dough is the substance to make purses. When the dough is thrown in desi ghee or oil, it suddenly puffs up while turning into the puri. Halwa is a sweet dish made from semolina, and puries will be served with Halwa. Along with Halwa, spicy chickpeas are also offered to Pakistan to add to their taste.
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6. Mutton Korma

Korma is a delicious dish in Pakistan that will attract you everywhere in Pakistan. It is an essential food of Pakistan, with tender meat from sheep or goats. It is the favorite food of all Pakistanis. Lahore and Karachi are the primary places to find this food, but that is not to say that people do not eat it in other areas of Pakistan. The fact is that people express a wish to eat it in every corner of Pakistan.
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7. Saag

Saag is a purely local dish. You can find it mainly in Punjab everywhere, but other places in Pakistan also have it. The green leaves of mustard plants are the primary source of cooking Saag. To prepare this dish of Saag, the cook puts the green leaves of mustard on fire until they are soft, so soft that the cook can break them apart very well. Mint, coriander, and chili flakes are also in a dish of Saag to add to its taste. Desi ghee enhances the taste and importance of Saag to a more significant extent.
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8. Lassi

Lassi is a traditional drink people enjoy after breakfast or lunch in Pakistan. People in Pakistan also enjoy it with dinner at night. When you watch a cook or any other man at a food point churning butter by hand to prepare Lassi, this site will attract you to this drink of Lassi, and you will feel the urge to enjoy it.
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9. Tekka Kebab

Tikka is an essential type of Kebab. To prepare it, use large pieces of minced meat and form them onto the skewer with their hands. There needs to be more time for its cooking. It is prepared in a short time. People enjoy this kind of meat, not just in Pakistan but in other countries too. Dubai, Turkey, Thailand, and many other countries offer Tikka Kebab.
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10. Chapshurro

Chapshurro is a food that you can find in the Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan region. Chefs use yak meat to prepare Chapshurro. Cooks prepare it on a large iron plate. It is, in fact, a perfect snake for tourists when the weather is cold. Ingredients of this food are onions, pepper, sweet carrots, and some other vegetables. Meat is the essential part of this dish. When people go from Gilgit to Humza Valley, they find many people around Attabad Lake enjoying this food. It is also called Pakistani pizza.
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11. Dowdo

Dowdo is one of the most famous foods in Pakistan that you will find in  Gilgit-Baltistan. It is a food you use to warm yourself after having enough fun in the cold air of the mountains. It is the traditional food of Gilgit-Baltistan, but you can also find it in northern Islamabad.
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12. Gyal

Gyal is an excellent dish of Gilgit-Baltistan. It is made with Apricot oil, yak butter, walnuts, and thick almond paste, which chefs chiefly use to prepare this dish.
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13. Paya

Paya is the most liked food in Pakistan. Basic ingredients to prepare the dish of paya include onion, red oil with curry spices, and joint bowels full of the feet of a goat. This food is very delicious, and people eat it with much amusement.
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14. Biriyani

Biriyani is a dish that looks like pulao. But this is not pulao. Ingredients of Biriyani include rice, chicken, and a combination of spices like cumin, nutmeg, cardamom, and turmeric. Its topping is lovely and eye-catching. Salad is used to make its topping very tasty and beautiful. You can find this food in every area of Pakistan.
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15. Chapli Kebab

People rate Chapli Kebab as one of the most fantastic Pakistani food worldwide. Some people name this food Peshawari Kebab. Chefs in Pakistan prepare this dish with buffalo meat. The beef is thoroughly minced. Chefs also use Salads in their preparation. You can get this Pakistani food from any street in Pakistan.
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16.  Sajji

Sajji is a famous Pakistani food in Balochistan, Province of Pakistan. There are many types of meat that chefs use to prepare Sajji. But most cooks use chicken to prepare a dish of Sajji. After making it, chefs proudly display this dish like a trophy with falling drops on hot coals. The charcoal heat and meat are used in its preparation. Lahore is where people buy this food almost always because the shops here are open till late at night.
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17. Chaat

Chaat is another great dish in Pakistan to enhance your taste. Fried dough, peanuts, and potato chips are basic ingredients to prepare a plate of Chaat. Chickpeas and cooling sauces are also used to give it a delicious topping. It is a dish that is very dear to Pakistani people. If you ever visit Pakistan, you should never forget to enjoy this dish.
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18. Brian Masla

One spicy Brian Masla plate will amuse you greatly if you order it at your dining table in any area of Pakistan. It is one of the most famous street food items in Pakistan. Chefs make it on a hot iron skillet. Tomato sauce and masala spices add to the majority of the flavor. Green onion, cilantro, and chili powder also enhance the taste of Brian Masala. It is a very delicious dish, and you will remember to eat it again if you ever tried it.
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19. Takatak

Takatak attracts you through its sounds and then aroma. Chefs use a huge iron hot plate to prepare it. Sharp clangs and pings against the huge metal pan cause noisy sounds that reach your ears even from a distance. It is a dish that chefs in Pakistan make with goat kidneys, hearts, and testicles. It is delicious food so you must try it when you plan your visit to Pakistan.
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20. Paratha

Paratha is a ball of dough that cooks rolled into a circle with flaky layers and prepared on a hot plate of iron. It is the favorite Pakistani food all over Pakistan. Some cooks use oil, while others use ghee to make Paratha. In both cases, a delicious Paratha will hold your attention until you eat it and enjoy it. Nowadays, many types of Paratha are stuffed with potatoes, chicken, and other vegetables in Pakistan. In this way, it enhances the taste of Paratha.

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21. Bun Kebab

Just think of the best hamburger slider with mint chutney. To make a topping for it, chefs use fried eggs and place each layer on top when cooking it. Buns are, in fact, white bread. Chefs cook it to light crispness alongside patties and eggs. Some Salads are also used in this dish to amuse you a lot. Karachi is where you will find this kind of meal in abundance.
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22. Dud Patti

Dud Patti is the favorite drink of almost all Pakistanis. Its name is tea, and it is prepared many times daily. Milk, sugar, and tea are used to make this drink of Dud Patti. And this is a very famous drink in Pakistan. Local people are very fond of it, and they do not spend their time enjoying it.

Duodh Pati - Pakistani Tea | Click Pakistan Tourism services

23. Dahi Baray

Dahi Baray is a beloved snack enjoyed across Pakistan, offering a symphony of tastes in every bite. It is a delightful combination of textures and flavors that tantalize the taste buds. These consist of lentil-based dumplings, known as “barey,” deep-fried to golden crispiness. The crispy exterior contrasts beautifully with the soft and spongy interior, creating a pleasing textural balance. What truly elevates Dahi Baray to a culinary delight is the generous serving of yogurt infused with a blend of spices such as cumin, chaat masala, and mint. The yogurt imparts a refreshing tanginess and provides a creamy and excellent contrast to the spiced lentil dumplings. Dahi Baray are served with tamarind chutney, and a sprinkling of finely chopped cilantro and mint leaves is added.

Dahi Baray

24. Pakoras

Pakoras stand as iconic and cherished Pakistani snacks. The deep-fried fritters are made from ingredients such as gram flour, spices, and vegetables like potatoes, onions, or spinach. The batter-coated and crisply fried pakoras are delicious and serve as perfect companions to a cup of chai, especially during rainy days.


25. Samosas

Samosas are triangular parcels of joy featuring a crisp, flaky pastry filled with a savory mixture of spiced potatoes, peas, and sometimes minced meat. The tantalizing aroma of samosas frying in hot oil is enough to evoke cravings. Whether enjoyed as appetizers, tea-time treats, or festival specialties, Pakoras and Samosas represent the heart and soul of Pakistani street food culture.


26. Jelebis

Jalebis hold a special place in Pakistani culinary traditions. These spiral-shaped delights are crafted from a fermented batter of all-purpose flour, yogurt, and saffron, creating a distinct golden hue. The batter is skillfully piped into hot oil, producing spiraled, crispy strands deep-fried to perfection. Once fried, the jalebis are soaked in a sugar syrup, absorbing its sweetness and gaining a delectable syrupy texture. Jalaibes are often enjoyed during festivals and celebrations or as a sweet ending to a meal.


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