Pakistan: A Heaven on Earth

Pakistan is a country in South Asia that is considered a heaven on earth. It has many beautiful lands presenting the views of real heaven. Some zealous trekkers of Pakistan are very passionate about telling the world that Pakistan has several beautiful areas having enough potential to attract fervent tourists. SPS Trekking Club is a body of trekkers, hikers, and guides that arranged a meet-up of its trekkers, hikers, and directions.

Pakistan Has the Highest Peak Points

It was a unique gathering of trekkers, hikers, and tourists, where participants expressed their views and opinions fervidly. They said that Pakistan had the highest peaks in the world. They also talked about Pakistan having the five highest peaks while there are 14 mountains in the world, the highness of which is most significant all over the world.

Hamza Anis talked about his experiences. He said that he was very fortunate to reach the highest point of Khusar Gang’s peak. He also said that he cleaned some parts of the mountain with his hands. Female trekker Farah Mahmood completed exploring a new pass of Shimshal valley in Hunza district along with her husband, Nasir Mahmood. She said that she had investigated unnamed access with her team. She said that they faced many challenges, but they had beautiful feelings of success after completing their task, which cannot be expressed in words. Farah Mahmood also praised the friendly behavior of the local people of the valley.

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Naveed is another professional trekker who told the participants about his enterprise to Suaki sar in Allai valley. In contrast, Muhammad Ashfaq said the story of going to fifteen lakes in Darel valley.

Lovely Area of Swat Valley

Shaukat Ali Khan is a trekker who belongs to Swat; he said that Swat was a lovely area. There were many beautiful cultural heritage sites. Shaukat Ali Khan tried to inspire every trekker to make them willing to visit these sites located in Swat. Arshad Khan told about his experience of going to Haramosh La Pass, and Mobeen Mazhar talked about visiting Vargerav pass.

Balochistan a Unique Province of Pakistan

One more fervid trekker, Aziz Ahmad Jamali, spoke about Balochistan telling that Balochistan was a unique Pakistan province. He said Balochistan was home to different ranges, passes, rocks and terrains. He advised new trekkers and hikers to visit Balochistan in the first instance to witness the unique landscape of this province of Pakistan.

Shehroz Kashif is the youngest trekker in Pakistan; he has the privilege of making the world record as the most inexperienced trekker to reach broad peak. He said climbing the mountains was a challenging task, but scaling the peak gave him a sense of quite an achievement.

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