10 Best Breakfast Places in Karachi in 2024 – Reviewed by Click Pakistan

Breakfast is considered the first meal of the day and one of humans’ most important meals, so it should be noticed. Breakfast produces a beneficial chemical that helps you be more attentive and promotes a more efficient metabolism by fueling your entire body for the whole day.

The theory is that skipping breakfast benefits weight loss, and medical professionals have debunked energy conservation. Research has shown a significant link between a healthy weight and breakfast. People who eat breakfast weigh less than those who don’t eat Breakfast. Skipping breakfast is thought to be another risk factor for type 2 diabetes

Best Breakfast Places in Karachi

KARACHI HAS ALWAYS AMAZED ME since I moved to this squalid metropolis many years ago. Every day, you hear about opening a new restaurant or two in some nook or corner of the city catering to the aesthetic-obsessed, social-media-addicted foodies! There are a lot of restaurants and stalls in Karachi that provide both traditional and international breakfasts. Here, we will review Karachi’s 10 best breakfast places in 2024. 

10 best breakfast places in Karachi


Breakfast all day – what a beautiful concept. Do you yearn for a real English breakfast experience with a relaxed atmosphere? Then, Xander’s is the place to be. They serve breakfast the whole day which is good for those who get up late. The interior is spacious and bright, with white walls and wooden tables. There are different kinds of meals to pick from, including a vegan section on the menu (woohoo!).

Xander's -10 best breakfast places in Karachi in 2022
Credits: Facebook Page of Xander’s

N’eco’s Natural Store & Café

The great thing about dining at N’eco’s is that it has a lovely interior with a massive tree in the middle of the café, as well as an organic vibe. It’s the variety of breakfast meals available on their menu – cuisines from all over the world with a healthy spin to each dish – that makes it so attractive. So we can include the list of 10 Best Breakfast Places in Karachi in 2022. 

N'eco's Natural Store and Cafe - 10 Best Breakfast Places in Karachi in 2022 - Reviewed by Click Pakistan
Credits: Facebook Page of N’eco’s Natural Store and Cafe.

Del Frio

Not only does El Frisco Diner have some of the most fantastic desserts and finest beverages on the island, but it also has a fantastic breakfast menu. So whatever your breakfast enthusiast’s heart desires, it’s on the menu, whether it’s an omelette, waffles or pancakes.

Del Frio - 10 Best Breakfast Places in Karachi in 2022
Credits: Facebook Page of Del Frio

Floc – For the Love of Coffee

They serve the best raspberry jam in the area, as well as a plethora of omelette options that will make choosing difficult.

Floc – For the Love of Coffee -10 Best Breakfast Places in Karachi in 2022
Credits: Facebook Page of Floc – For the Love of Coffee

Café Flo

It doesn’t get much better than Café Flo. On a Sunday, there’s no place I’d rather be than at Café Flo. Their Sunday brunch menu is heaven. The colours and patterns on their plate look fantastic that it would be difficult to take your eyes off your meal. I wouldn’t advise you do so since that breakfast should be eaten as soon as possible!

Café Flo - 10 Best Breakfast Places in Karachi in 2022
Credits: Facebook Page of Café Flo



The combination of eggs, peppers, and onions in this restaurant’s shakshuka has been generating a lot of buzz on the internet lately. All of the dishes on their menu are worth trying, and the ambience is ideal for having a quiet, laid-back hangout with your friends or alone.

Mews-10 Best Breakfast Places in Karachi in 2022
Credits: Facebook Page of Mews


The restaurant’s decor is very laid-back, and the food boasts all of your favourite indulgences. In a nutshell, the finest quesadillas in town are provided here.

Chatterbox Cafe
Credits: Facebook Page of Chatterbox Cafe

Bella Vita

These days, it’s a must-eat experience. It’s popular in the area, and we enjoy it. It also happens to be vegan friendly, and its breakfast menu is too delicious to pass up.

Bella Vita
Credits: Facebook Page of Bella Vita


Another excellent place to go for Breakfast is Chatkharay. It’s located in defence khadda market. One of their delectable breakfast dishes is halwa puri. The aloo bhujia and cholay have a low level of spice. They are prepared with moderate spices to ensure that everyone may enjoy them with fresh and crispy puris.

Their favorite dinner meal is a cheese paratha. It’s filled with cream cheese veggies and a red chili sauce. So it will not make sense if we don’t include Chatkhary restaurant in the list of 10 Best Breakfast Places in Karachi in 2024.

Credits: Facebook Page of Chatkharay

Dera restaurant

Dera restaurant is located in Clifton’s boat basin. Foodies would enjoy the boat basin as a delightful location to dine. The halwa puri and cheese paratha they offer is fantastic. It includes one of their specialities: Kashmiri tea. This tea is unique in that it combines Kashmiri leaves with cinnamon, crushed almonds, pistachios, and cardamoms to make it.

Dera restaurant
Credits: Facebook Page of Dera Restaurant


The district of Dhamthal is in the Federal B Area. It’s a bakery that produces delectable sweets, and it’s primarily known for its exceptional halwa puri because of its excellent taste. If you enjoy halwa puri for Breakfast, Dhamthal is the place to go. Breakfast time is when it’s very crowded. You may socialize with your friends and family while eating your Breakfast there.

Credits: Facebook Page of Dhamthal

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