Pakistan: World’s Third Highest Adventure Destination

Pakistan is considered the World’s third-highest adventure destination in 2022. British Backpackers Society has presented Pakistan as the most thrilling destination for the year 2022. We would reveal that the time has come for you to pay a memorable visit to Pakistan because Pakistan is now a country that you can consider one of the highest picnic points available to people at almost low rates.

Some time ago, the British Backpackers Society announced emphatically that Pakistan is the World’s third-highest spot for adventurism for people who tend to go to other beautiful and adventurous lands for daring experiences.

The British Backpackers Society has issued a declaration that says, “after completing the process of counting the votes from its membership of adventure travel experts of all over the World. British Backpackers Society made this fact known to the public and awarded Pakistan third place in the ranking.”

Samuel Joynson, a prominent member of the Backpackers Society, said at a time of his talking to APP that Pakistan was a travel gem and contained one of the World’s most exhilarating adventure sites at this moment.

The Offers Of Pakistan

Pakistan’s offers to tourists and travelers are multifarious. The Backpackers Society has opined that when going to the Karakoram Highway, people must visit the bustling markets of Karachi city. They must make it a point to taste the mouth-watering flavors of the Punjab province in Lahore and enjoy a cup of tea with some amiable and cordial people you may come across in the streets of Peshawar.

Samuel Joynson says while expressing his opinion that the memory of the first tour of the people to Pakistan would never go out of their minds. He says Pakistan is one of the top adventure destinations. At the same time, it is wedged in the northern, eastern corner of Pakistan with many geographical superlative sites.

From Hippy Trails to Adventure

The British Backpackers Society said it was back in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s that Pakistan was an integral part of the ‘hippy trail’ from Europe to Asia. Welcoming groups of foreign travelers with open arms and with the complicated days of the early 2000s behind it, Pakistan is once more willing to say ‘Assalam o Alaikum’ to the community of travelers.

The British Backpackers Society says due to the new e-visa system and a much-sought reform of the once complicated ‘No Objection Certificate’ system completed, Pakistan’s government has accorded the top priority to tourism while making it its policy agenda.

It is a fact that people’s long-held beliefs about tourism in Pakistan are also changing. There appear to be solid grounds to believe that Pakistan will enjoy increasing its tourism sector in the coming ten years.

Pakistan expects that the British Backpackers Society would encourage Pakistan’s rulers to invest hugely in promoting the country’s tourism. Assets overseas while putting spectacular images of the Passu Cones, the Hunza Valley, or Concordia on, for example, London buses or New York cabs to present the beauty of Pakistan to the World.

Because of travel journalists’ and tourist bloggers’ continuous efforts, people’s general perceptions of the World will be altered while showing the World that Pakistan’s tourism sector is working well now.

Best Tourism Destination For 2024

In December last year, a US travel magazine portrayed Pakistan as the top travel adventurism. One more luxury travel magazine, named The Conde Nast Traveler, which makes efforts to upmarket tourists, has also depicted Pakistan as a tourist destination.

This magazine has also published a feature on its website’s wall, saying that Pakistan has now become an ‘adventure travel must visit’ country. Due to the Taliban’s unpleasant activities, there was an unwanted gap in Pakistan’s tourism industry when tourists from all over the World could not come to Pakistan according to their plans to go to different picnic points for recreation.

It says that in the days of all these reservations, the ancient valleys relaxed visa restrictions. But nowadays, the situation has dramatically changed, with different positive things returning to all travelers’ focus.

Attractive Spot for Fervent Tourists

It is a matter that God has blessed Pakistan with more peaks taller than 22,965 ft, and they happen to be taller than China and Nepal combined, making it an attractive spot for adventurist tourists and bold hikers. The British Society says visitors can follow Michael Plain’s steps while going to the 12,250ft Shundar Pass.

That is home to the World’s highest polo field or come into contact with the Kalash people of the Hindu Kush, renowned for their cowrie-shell headdresses and brighter-than-bright embroidery.

To tell you straight, the impressive beauty of the mountains of Pakistan is not only the crowd-pleaser, as the Conde Nast Travelers says, “the sight of 100,000 Muslims offering prayer at the one time into the 17th century’ incredible Badshahi Mosque will leave you standstill. It is not just one sight that leaves you breathless because you will find that Mughal era architectural masterpieces would also be in front of you to captivate you in many streets of the city of Lahore.

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