Fairy Meadows: A Combination of Adventure & Beauty

Pakistan’s northern regions can never be compared as less beautiful than any other part of the planet. Even some areas are matchless in the natural landscape of the world. Fairy Meadows is one of these beautiful areas that spellbind visitors for unforgettable adventures.

It is known as Joot locally and as a fairy meadow named by German climber Marchenwiese. After hearing its beautiful name, many questions flashed through my mind, such as: Where are the fairy meadows? 

Well! It is located in the Diamer District of Gilgit Baltistan near the base camp of Nanga Parbat at a height of 3,300 M above sea level. It is a launching point for the trekkers who go to summit Nanga Parbat, the 9th highest peak in the world and the second tallest in Pakistan after K2

The Government of Pakistan declared it Fairy Meadows National Park in 1995. Meadows’s night view is the most fantastic experience. It takes you too close to nature, and you feel like standing among stars in the sky.

Is the road to Fairy Meadows safe?

Answer to the query: is the road to fairy meadows safe? Fairy Meadows track distance from the Raikot bridge is about 15 kilometers and approachable only with a 4×4 Jeep with a local expert driver. The narrow gravel road from the Raikot bridge to Tattu village is considered the second deadliest road in the world.

After reaching Tattu village by Jeep, it starts an adventure with amazing views of the natural landscape. It takes about five km of trekking to get FM, which takes around 3 to 4 hours. 

So, for how long is the trek to the meadows? You have to trek around 5 km but with spectacular views of beauty and adventures. Some people or agers who don’t want to trekking, horse riding, and porter are also available to assist your adventure to see this beautiful place.

What is the best time to visit Fairy Meadows?

Starting April till the end of September is the best time to visit Fairy Meadows. It is the best time to visit the scenic beauty of the trek and spend nights under the stargazing. 

How to reach Fairy Meadows?

There are three options to reach this breathtaking place.

Route: 1

Reach Islamabad to FM via Kaghan Valley, stay in Naran ( 7 hrs Isb to Naran)

Next day, travel toward Chilas via Babusar Pass ( 4 hrs Naran to Chilas). Chilas to Raikot: Your vehicle can go to Raikot (2 hrs Chilas to Raikot bridge). For the next 2 hours, the jeep track starts on the second-world dangerous road (2 hrs Raikot to Tattu village). And finally, Tatto village to FM will take 3 to 4 hours by trekking.

Route: 2

You can go directly to Chilas via Naran Valley in the second option. In case of Babusar pass closure, travel via the Karakoram Highway to reach Chilas. Stay in Chilas and start your journey the next day with the travel route and timing mentioned above in route one.

Route: 3

It is a smart and time-saving option to opt for a flight from Islamabad to Gilgit (1:15 hrs), then Gilgit to Fairy Meadows by road with 2 hours traveling, and then Raikot to Tatto village and FM.

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