Dudipatsar Lake: A Complete Travel Guide

Dudipatsar Lake is a beautiful lake in Kaghan Valley. Dudi means “white,” and pat refers to “mountains.” On the other hand, Sar is a Turkish name meaning “lake.”.The lake, at 3900 meters above sea level, is a perfect spot for adventure seekers who want to take on some mountain climbing.

The surrounding peaks remain covered in snow all year round. So they were making it a fantastic sight when they caught a glimpse of your figure against their backdrop during those beautiful winter months!

The lake is not only famous due to its beauty but also for its trek among tourists. The trek of Dudipatsar starts at a small village called Besal (3250m) and follows the Poorbi Naar river. The vegetation along the path is quite colorful, including rhododendrons and Japanese maples.

 The lush green meadows provide a beautiful setting for this walk, passing through several streams, blooms of wildflowers, and cattle grazing from local villages. The villages on this route are close to nature, with people basically dependent on natural resources and relatively removed from the technological progress in other regions of the globe. However, tracking in the snow is not advisable because it is an avalanche-prone zone.

How to Reach Dudipatsar Lake? Trek to Dudipatsar Lake

The trek begins from Besal, a small village in the northern part of Kaghan Valley. The journey from Islamabad (the country’s capital) to Besal is as follows:

Trek to Dudipatsar Lake - Dudi Patsar Lake
Trek to Dudipatsar Lake

Islamabad to Naran(Kaghan valley)

Local Transportation:

Buses depart from Pirwadhai bus station in Rawalpindi/Islamabad to Mansehra several times daily. (Time: 3-4 hours, Cost: 450 rupees). From the Mansehra bus station, the bus takes 3 to 4 hours with 550 PKR to reach Naran. In addition, a direct bus to Naran from Pirwadhai may be available.

 Own car: 

An excellent metaled road. Take the Peshawar Road southbound from Islamabad. Turn right to join the Karakoram Highway (N35) at Hasan Abdal. From here, head south on the Karakoram Highway and follow signs for Abbottabad. After passing through Alai, continue past Mansehra. Leave the Karakoram Maut at Naran (Time: 7-8 hrs).Hasan Abdal – Haripur – Abottabad – Mansehra – Balakot – Naran are the major checkpoints during your trip.

Naran to Besal:

  1. There is no public transportation between Naran and Besal. Hire a 4×4 Jeep from Naran, which takes about two hours to get to Besal. It costs around 5000 PKR, but it depends on your negotiation skills.
  2. It is feasible to travel with one’s automobile; however, it is not suggested since the road is metaled but occasionally damaged by rockfall or landslides due to rains.


Naran to Besal - Dudi Patsar Lake
Naran to Besal

The route goes past Besal village and along the stream from the valley.

From Besal onwards, trekkers make their way through vast alpine meadows with stunning glaciers to Mullah ki Basti, a campsite that leads to the lake. It’s a relatively easy-moderate walk of 6-7 hours, depending on one’s fitness level. This lovely alpine lake is about two hours away from Mullah ki Basti.

What is the Best Time to Visit Dudipatsar Lake?

The lake and park are accessible for four months (June – Septembe0 of the year when it becomes mirror-like, reflecting stunning views that draw visitors from different regions across the country who want to share these moments with friends or family members.

The beautiful, cold water of Dudipatsar Lake is an attraction for tourists and hikers alike. The mountain range surrounding this Himalayan gem provides habitats to wildlife, including snow-mantled mountainsides perfect for hiking or camping trips with friends & family.

Best Time to Visit Dudipatsar Lake - Dudi Patsar Lake
Best Time to Visit Dudipatsar Lake

Camping at Dudipatsar Lake

Hotel and restaurant options are slim during the tour season, but tourists can rent tents. However, there’s a high risk involved, given that there is no way of knowing how many people will be in your group – which means you’ll need all kinds of supplies! In addition, you cannot go back into town quickly after camping because it’s pretty far away from Lake Naran National Park headquarters, where these activities happen (and are not accessible by foot).

Camping at Dudipatsar Lake - Dudi Patsar Lake
Camping at Dudipatsar Lake

There are no nearby stores for camping supplies, so campers must carry everything from Lake Naran Valley on their tour route through this incredibly picturesque region near Kathmandu, known only as ‘Naran.’

Essentials Gears

  1. Proper hiking shoes are required. This trail is recommended with something other than regular running shoes(joggers).
  2. Waterproof and weatherproof clothing, such as a waterproof jacket or raincoat, is recommended.
  3. Although there are a lot of water pathways, bring your water if you’re apprehensive about drinking stream water.

Purchasing Equipment


You can find a guide from any good hotel or local market in Naran with relative ease.  


Tents and other items such as sleeping bags and food rations may also be hired at the Naran market.


At Besal village, horses may be hired if required. These horses can be employed to transport a person or extra luggage.

Fishing at Dudipatsar Lake

In Dudipatsar, many people enjoy fishing for brown trout. However, you’ll need a fishing license and equipment to get some good fish. Fish stocks in the lake have plummeted due to illegal dynamite and net fishing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dudipatsar Lake:

How Much Time It Will take to Reach Dudipatsar from Besal?

It takes 2 to 3 hours to Galma Busti, 6 to 7 hours to Mullan Ki Busti, and 8 Hours to Dudipatsar Lake.

Which Months Are Best to Visit Dudipatsar Lake?

Four months (June to September) are best to visit Dudipatsar Lake.

Can we get back from Dudipatsar Lake in 1 day?

 Yes or No. Because it is dangerous, you must trek for 16 hours to return in a day. 

Is it safe to visit Dudipatsar with family?

Yes, but if you have babies and older people, we don’t recommend visiting Dudipatsar Lake. 

Can We Hire Porter or a Horse for Dudipatsar Lake?

Yes, You can hire porters and horses for Dudipatsar Lake.

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