Is Pakistan Safe for Tourism?

Pakistan isΒ declared the best tourist destination country in 2023. do you have questions regarding tourism in Pakistan? Is Pakistan safe for tourism? The answer is yes. Pakistan is completely a safe destination spot for tourism. There is a lot of propaganda about Pakistan that tourists here Pakistan are not safe.

It is a fact that there were some risks in some beautiful areas of Pakistan in the past. This is also a fact that nowadays there are not so many dangers in Pakistan if you choose this country to make it your picnic point. Pakistan is so full of beautiful destinations that you cannot afford to ignore it at a time when you make up your mind to please your eyes by seeing the beautiful natural sites of South Asia.

It is a reality that if you made the mistake to exclude Pakistan from the list of your picnic points of the world just for security reasons, your trip to the world will remain incomplete for the rest of your life. We are here with some necessary information to remove your concerns about your security in Pakistan.

First of all, do not forget that Pakistan is a country that is always or often presented in a false manner. It is a fact that most places in Pakistan can be visited without any fear. But a very few destinations are where you can be advised to take security measures. Guards are here to give you the security you need to feel free to have fun in the beautiful lands of Pakistan. But it would be best if you did not forget that most places here can be seen without any security guard with you.

How many tourists visit in Pakistan?

The number of tourists here is increasing day in and day out. If we try to look just two years back, we note with surprise that tourism in Pakistan is on the rise. The government of Pakistan is estimating that in only five to seven years, its tourism department will earn a lot more than it has received in previous years.

Which parts of Pakistan are safe?

We want to tell you that if somebody has misled you that there are street crimes in Pakistan, we want to tell you that the level of street crimes in Pakistan is not as alarming as in American cities. Even Russia is behind Pakistan to give protection to visitors of the world to its areas. Therefore if governments of other countries warn their citizens against weak security measures in Pakistan, you should not take their claims at their face value.

They make a noise that Fata, some districts of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, the cities of Peshawar, Quetta, and Nawabshah, the Lowari Pass, and the northern and western areas of Balochistan have some troubles. But this is not the correct picture of Pakistan. The fact is that you are just being misled.

The security situation in Pakistan has been improved, and 80% of areas are clear for tourism. So, now you can surely consider Pakistan is safe for tourism. We want to tell you that in these areas of Pakistan you do not need any security if you decide to visit any beautiful place for the picnic mentioned above points of Pakistan. So feel free to visit here because quite recently, there have been zero attacks in most of these areas.

Tips for You: Your Trip Toward the most Beautiful Places in Pakistan

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We are here with some tips to help you out in your journey toward any of the picnic points in Pakistan. Just be mindful of them.

  • You should be in contact with local media and social media in Pakistan. It will help to remove all of your concerns and will guide you to go forward with your plans.
  • Make it your routine to be in touch with local authorities in the area, whom you are visiting.
  • Stay away from all kinds of politics. Do not show interest in the local political situation of Pakistan.
  • Do not try to talk about Pakistan and Israel.
  • Always be regardful of the local customs and traditions of this country.
  • Do not keep parts of your body naked in Pakistan.Β 
  • Do not go in crowds ever. This is not safe to get into the more prominent groups in any new country.
  • Do not try to be gay in this country. Just become a reasonable person in Pakistan. Gays do not like it in this country.
  • Try to know about the NOC.Β 
  • Never try to have drugs in your possessions. Otherwise, you will invite trouble you.

Pakistan is safe for tourism:

  • Always try to act like a cool-headed person. Do not be a violent person in any situation.
  • Try to have some excellent security belts with you to serve the purpose of keeping your money safe in every kind of situation.
  • Make it your habit to use google maps. It will help you out if you have some difficulty going somewhere or returning from your picnic point to the hotel, where you stay.
  • Do not be too friendly with local people. It is not good to act beyond certain limits.
  • Try to get all emergency phone numbers to handle any situation created by emergency-like circumstances.
  • If children are with you, do not allow them to remain in the sun for a long time.
  • Fruits are very much delicious. It would help if you exercised some care before you use them. Wash them properly before you eat them.
  • Do not purchase food from people who do not cover their food items.
  • Always drink bottled water when you are in Pakistan. You can find Nestle products of water easily.
  • Uber is safe in this country also.Β 
  • If you get a chance to drive yourself in Pakistan, always be mindful of your limitations. Be careful in all areas while driving a car or other vehicle. After reading all facts I think now you have found an answer that Pakistan is safe for tourism.


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