Traditional Multan Blue Pottery In 2023

Pakistan has a long and illustrious tradition in the arts. Multan blue pottery at ceramics is just one of Multan and Sindh’s magnificent cultural creations. The city of Multan is popular for various things, but its most famous industry in Islamic pottery traditions. Did you experience shopping in Multan and see hundreds of different pottery items in bright blue and white? The hue used to make the ceramic ware in that area has a fascinating backstory. The first blue pottery was created in Multan by artisans who accompanied Muhammad Bin Qasim to conquer the region.

Multan Blue pottery, also known as Kaashi Gari, has Persian roots and uses patterns that are reminiscent of a powerful Persian influence. The individuality of this particular blue pottery comes from the fact that it is handcrafted! As a result, each artist’s imagination is expressed through unique patterns.

Shades of Multan Blue Pottery

Multan Blue Pottery In 2022 - Traditional Multan Blue Pottery In 2022

In Multan, the encaustic tiled mosque is not missed when passing through unexpectedly into plains. It’s all washed in blue, green, yellow, and other hues. Its glazing minarets and magnificent domes appear like pure gold from a distance during sunrise.

The Muslim world and beyond prefer glazed pottery due to its many hues, from lapis to turquoise, geometric patterns, floral designs, and craftsmanship. Blue is a sign of nature and courage, peace, and calm. In Multan’s hot and humid environment, the ancestors of this art chose the blue colour for painting on a white background to provide a pleasant and soothing effect. The combination of blue and white was a trend, after which it became known as blue porcelain. Other colours are added to this art over time, in addition to blue.

Shades of Multan Blue Pottery - Traditional Multan Blue Pottery In 2022

Ceramic art is also expanding as a result of modernization. Many different shades of blue are used, such on the pottery, including light blue, berylline, dark, and sky blue. Green and yellow are among the many glazing colours utilized in these multicoloured ceramic dishes. The diversity of colour and design in today’s ceramic art is an art in itself. The bright hues and gleam used by artists who are committed to honing their crafting abilities for a flawless pottery piece are more than enough reason for you to add this to your collection. Each piece is beautifully made not to fade colours for more than 100 years.

How is the pottery constructed?

How is the pottery construct - Multan's Famous Blue Pottery In 2022

Not only are the vases, plates, and other pots from this city famous for their beauty, but its blue pottery is also well-known. This form of pottery is not simple to make, so it is so popular. The artist mixes the stains, water, and other chemicals in a mixing machine before adding them to each ware piece. Ground clay is used to make every pottery item, which is then stained and moistened before being utilized as a painting canvas.

After the clay has been fired, it is carved into the sizes required by the artisans, who then utilize a variety of instruments to hollow out the pottery. Then each piece is handled individually by painters, who apply an indigo colour to create designs on the clay.

 Multan Blue Pottery In 2022 - Traditional Multan Blue Pottery In 2022

For example, the most popular ceramic vase is the blue pottery jar, made famous since ancient times. It’s a wonder why this beautiful piece of history isn’t more popular! The exceptional durability of these ceramics has given them legendary status in many countries worldwide. Most have seen it at least once in their lives. As you may expect, the artisans who create blue pottery are incredibly passionate about its colour. There is a natural beauty and warmth to this ceramic craftβ€”and considering how popular it has become on the international market, you can imagine why! So, the next time you go to Multan, don’t hesitate to pick up some extraordinary blue pottery items.

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