Kund Malir Beach Baluchistan

Kund Malir beach Baluchistan is a quiet seaside town in Baluchistan, located beside the sea. The passers-by are drawn to the blue water and huge waves crashing upon the white sand. The people who want to witness the ocean, mountains and desert in one place, Kunk Malir beach is the best choice for them to enjoy nature and peace.

Kund Malir from Karachi:

Kund Malir is located about 240 kilometres south of Karachi on the Makran Coastal Highway. The journey from Karachi begins at the Sindh Industrial Trading Estate (S.I.T.E.) area. Where the Karachi Northern Bypass or M-10 leads you to the city’s outskirts. Regardless of where you start your trip, you may join the Lyari Expressway and reach the M-10 toll plaza before Hub in Baluchistan.

When travelling from Karachi to the RCD Highway, you must turn left at the sign reading “Prince of Hope,” which reminds you that you’re travelling on the Makran Coastal Highway.

The Makran Coastal Road extends to Gwadar and, on both sides of the road, there are archaeological, religious, and recreational attractions. The temple of Nanni, a Hindu temple, and the unique clay hill known as Chandra Gupta, which releases soil through air pressure, are located in the Hangul National Park.

The construction of the Makran Coastal Highway and the popularity of Kundu Malir on social media have allowed tourists for family getaways during holidays. And now people with families throng to enjoy the blue watered beach on every holiday and special event.

Last year, Kund Malir was named one of the 50 most beautiful beaches in Asia by TripAdvisor. This list was based on tourism and photo opportunities. Because the water is not much deep than renowned Hawke’s Bay beaches such as Mubarak Village and Kaka Pir, youngsters and ladies also go down to the seafloor.

Despite being in Balochistan, most tourists who come to visit Kund Malir travelling from Karachi.

Is it safe to go to Kund Malir?

Yes, it is a secure location. Only keep in mind that if you want to make the trip a day excursion, leave Karachi before sunset and arrive at Kund Malir before dark. If you’re going to stay overnight, make your reservations ahead of time.

According to the opinion of the tourists, the sea is clean and secure and there is no mass of people. Families can come here since it is secure. Furthermore, they did not notice any filth like the beaches in Karachi.

Many tourists visiting Kund Malir are on a day trip, but others stay overnight on the beach’s shores.

Kund Malir Resort:

Some huts and resorts have built on the coast by expecting more tourists to visit the Kund Malir beach, but their rental of Rs 15,000-20,000 is out of the middle-class range. Several other budgetary huts along the coast are also available for 1500 to 1000 rupees, and most tourists choose to stay in them.

There are also separate toilets for men and women, which may be utilized after paying Rs 30 per person.

Kund Malir Night Stay:

After constructing several hotels in recent years, Kund Malir beach has grown in popularity and is now dotted with both private and municipal resorts where you can stay the night.

The tourists who want to spend a night here on the beach bring electric generators or charged lights because there is no electricity in the area so far. ‘There is a serene atmosphere, as well as excellent vistas.

Many more tourists will visit the beach if a small ramp is constructed on the coast, and huts and amenities are offered.

Food at Kund Malir Beach:

Suppose you become hungry after swimming in the sea. In that case, there is a hotel adjacent to the coast of Kund Malir where a meal including lentils, vegetables, chicken, and rice is available at reasonable rates. Alternatively, prepare it yourself.

There is food available, but only limited quantities of drinking water. Therefore, a tourist visiting Kund Malir should take drinking water from home. The trip from Karachi to Kund Malir is 250 kilometres long, and it is very important to check your fuel, vehicle maintenance, the kids necessary items, and your food and water.

On the route from Winder to Kund Malir, there are no significant communities. Mobile phone connections go away in some areas, but other networks remain operational. The Balochistan government also plans to construct a resort on Kund Malir, but no rescue operation and health care unit are available in the area.

The clean water and fresh air are two natural beauties of the beach. Therefore, the visitors who come here have a responsibility to keep the beach clean.

Kund Malir Picnic Point:

The panoramic beauty that may be seen on both sides of the Makran Coastal Highway is like an open museum. Visitors may stop for a moment to take in the breathtaking scenery before continuing their journey.

Things to Do at Kund Malir Breach:

 Here are some activities to do when you get to your destination:


 The stunning blue water at Kund Malir Beach is tempting, but keep in mind that there are no huts, rentals, or changing rooms on the beach itself unless you have booked a room in a nearby resort or are willing to walk to one of the roadside restaurants. Instead, the water is clean, cold, and inviting.


Living in Karachi, the city of lights, may limit your chances to view the stars, but Kund Malir overcomes this problem. Because the beach is unlit, the night sky is beautiful, and if you know what you’re looking for, it’ll be a pure pleasure to identify all of the constellations in the velvety dark.


 Is roughing it on the beach your idea of a good time? You can join many others who had the same idea, as camping at Kund Malir is a popular weekend excursion for many. You can pitch a tent or travel with one of the many tour organizations that may bring you to your destination in an air-conditioned vehicle.

 Exploring Hingol National Parking

The most popular destination for tourists from Karachi is Kund Malir, which they visit as a day trip or a weekend getaway before returning home. However, if you’re staying in the area for a day more, check out the Hingol National Park, which has the Princess of Hope and the Sphinx, two well-known tourist destinations.

 Kund Malir may be a delight to visit from Karachi. If you want to seek clean and clear beaches in the region. However, please bring a trash bag with you. And leave the beach clean after your visit so that future visitors can appreciate the area’s beauty as well.

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