Terms and Conditions for International Travelers

Meet, Greet & Accommodation: 

Trip Joining Point: Islamabad

Trip Starting Time: 8:00 To 9:00 am

After an introduction and briefing about the tour, we will be heading towards the destination. During the journey of this amazing trip, we will make stopovers on the way to some picturesque places for photography & sightseeing. We will stay in the deluxe category and recommended hotels with all basic facilities on a twin share basis.

Pre-Trip Accommodation:

In case you require pre-trip accommodation and airport transfer either in Islamabad, Karachi, or Lahore, please make sure to send us your arrival date, time, and flight number. Ensure this information after you have booked your flight.

There are usually additional nights in Islamabad before or after the trip, which can be arranged at 70 USD per night. And if you want a city tour of Islamabad, a guide with a vehicle will be available for a full day at the cost of 200 USD for two people.

If your flight lands early on the day of your trip, and you do not want to check in at the hotel and start your trip after some rest, there is a reception area where you can relax for some time before joining us to start the journey.

Meal Plan:

Breakfast (buffet) and dinner, including some traditional food, will be served each day. Our tour guide will arrange for you accordingly if someone wants lunch during the day.

Domestic Flights:

We offer tour packages with multiple choices. Many tours have included internal flights, and others have not (Travelling by roads). So it depends all on your selection of the tour category. Claim if you want to include domestic flights in the package that have not included flights. (Price may vary)

Travel Insurance:

A valid travel insurance policy is essential to joining the tour package to cover the cost of medical treatment and protect your holiday’s value. When purchasing your Insurance cover, you must check the full extent of your policy. In the event of a medical emergency, you want to receive appropriate medical treatment. Therefore, your policy should include all types of cover, and you should be aware of exactly what activities your policy covers you for. At Click Pakistan Tourism Services, we believe your safety and holiday enjoyment are very important.

Driver & Tour Guide:

Our trained driver will meet and greet you at Airport/Hotel and head to the destination as per the itinerary plan. Further, a knowledgeable and local expert tour guide will join you in the Hunza valley that will take you all mentioned visiting points with brief touring.

Note: If the group is more than 7 persons, our tour guide will be available at the airport/hotel to welcome you.

Spending Budget for Miscellaneous:

From past trips and traveler feedback, “Click Pakistan” recommends 25 USD as the daily budget for drinks, lunch, etc. Of course, everyone has different spending habits, so daily spending varies from person to person, but there’s not much you need to spend as most items are already covered in the package. But make sure your budget if you’re planning to buy some items, such as a carpet, antique or wear stones. Then you might need to increase more budget.

 How to bring your currency?

It’s best to bring all of your money in a combination of debit/credit cards and cash. Some places may not accept any credit/debit cards in general, so it is better to bring some hard cash for the safe side. ATMs are may be hard to find in some areas and can be out of service, or the cards might not be accepted all the time, so having some US dollars in cash would be a useful backup, especially when you’re traveling. You can easily change the currency in Islamabad.

Baggage Allowance:

“Click Pakistan” suggests the least baggage with avoiding unnecessary items. Your luggage should not be more than 10 kg with a 5 kg backpack. Keep mandatory items in a backpack during an excursion and the rest of the baggage left in the hotel.

Travelers Size:

For each package, there is a minimum number of guests required. Normally we divide travelers into three groups depending upon participants.

  1. Group 2 to 4 Persons
  2. Group 8 to 12 Persons
  3. Group 15 to 20

What to Take & Packing Check List:

One of the common mistakes people make is bringing too much stuff along the way. So take less to avoid the nuisance of packing them back.

While traveling to Pakistan, you should follow the values and traditions of the country to avoid any unwanted things. We suggest especially females wearing headscarves with long-sleeved shirts and loose-fitting ankle-length pants or skirts while traveling in the Pakistan Northern Areas.

Must bring the items as follows:

  • Fleece jacket or warm jumper
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Warm full sleeves jacket
  • Sports sandals & boots/joggers shoes
  • Scarf or buff
  • Umbrella
  • Warm & sunhat
  • Sunglasses
  • Gloves or mittens
  • Small daypack or small bag to carry daily items
  • Sun protection
  • Small water bottles 1 liter (x2) (recommended disposable rather than re-filling)
  • Basic First Aid Kit including antiseptics, throat lozenges, diarrhea treatment (Imodium), altitude (Diamox), painkillers, etc.

Packing Checklist:

  • Socks
  • Spare laces
  • Sleeping trousers
  • Underwear
  • Baselayer shirts
  • Shirts or T-shirts
  • Thermal underwear
  • Insect repellant
  • Washbag and toiletries
  • Sleeping bag liner
  • Travel clothes
  • Small towel
  • Camera
  • Antibacterial hand-wash


Every traveler must possess a six-month remaining validity passport. In addition, please make sure before departure you have all correct travel documents and read out all traveling advisories.


Pakistan introduced a new regime of online tourist visa applications; visit the official website and fill your application with some mandatory information. In addition, you may require a Letter of Invitation that Click Pakistan Tourism Services would provide once you booked the tour with an initial down payment.

Security & Safety:

Generally, Pakistani people are among the most friendly and hospitable people in the world. But similar to the rest of the world, all major cities have their share of petty crime. But in Gilgit Baltistan, especially Hunza valley crime ratio is as nominal as nothing. But yet, it is better to take precautions measures while traveling. Carrying expensive items will draw attention to you, so the best is to leave them back in the hotel. We recommend carrying a copy of your passport with details pages. Use the taxi during your travel in the cities, rather than walking around the streets. Inform the group leader/tour guide before going outside the hotel.


From mid-May to the mid of September, temperatures in the Hunza Valley reach as high as 30°C, and in the winter season, it plumbed into till mines °C. If the weather is clear, it’s likely to be warm during the day and cool in the evenings above 3000 meters. Pakistan’s weather is generally fairly predictable and reliable. However, the weather in mountainous areas can be difficult to predict, and short-lived storms/rain can occur at any time of the year.

Payment Policy:

Seat confirmation is subjected to paid 20% advance deposit into the company account, which is non-refundable. The remaining due amount needs to be paid ten days before the trip departure.

Payment Methods:

Payments can be made directly by bank transfer or online services like transfers. We also accept payments through credit & debit cards (secured payments).

Transfer Package to Another Traveler:

Click Pakistan Tourism Services gives the freedom to travellers in case of changes in their travelling schedule and transfer their booking to another passenger. (Terms & Conditions will apply)

Refund & Cancellation Policy:

Traveller quit the tour at any stage for any reason; in this case, the initial deposit is non-refundable. In case of deposit of all package amount, 50% charges will apply in quitting tour before eight days trip departure and 80% before three days departure.

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