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Backpacking in Pakistan | A Saga of Four Weeks || Click Pakistan
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Click Pakistan / Travel  / Backpacking in Pakistan: A Saga of Four Weeks
backpacking in pakistan

Backpacking in Pakistan: A Saga of Four Weeks

I had a wonderful visit to Pakistan for four weeks. Firstly I landed in Pakistan at Karachi airport. I want to tell you about this remarkable journey of four weeks backpacking in Pakistan. Pakistan is a very beautiful country and I think that I do not have enough words to describe the beauty of Pakistan. But it is very necessary to tell you about my experiences in Pakistan to give you some information about Pakistan. This is my suggestion to you that if you want to have a good type of fun this is very obligatory for you to pay a visit to Pakistan to enhance your experience of going to see beautiful sites on this planet.

This is my desire to tell you frankly that you do not need just one week to travel to Pakistan because this country is immensely beautiful and once you went to this country, you will crave to go to see more and more natural eye-catching views of Pakistan. Do not forget that most of the beauty of Pakistan lies in the northern areas of this country. It is there that you need several hours to cover just one hundred miles in mountainous areas of Pakistan.

We want to recommend some practical measures for you before you make up your mind to pay a visit to Pakistan.

Travel Insurance

If you desire to do some trekking while being in Pakistan, we suggest you buy world nomads because it will be of immense help to you. It has plans to cover trekking up to 6000 meters. You should know that in Gilgit-Baltistan, it is very much easy to reach 4000 meters base camps. You should also note that it is there that you will charge highly for medical expenses.

Best Books for Travelling to Pakistan

The most useful book for you to travel to Pakistan is Pakistan Traveler. This is a very up to date book having 256 pages. Its author has visited Pakistan almost 10 times. You should not ignore this book.

Pakistan: Culture smart is one more important book on the topic of visiting Pakistan. It also tells you about the culture and customs of Pakistan. After reading this book, you will be having an accurate understanding of the culture and customs of Pakistan.
Pakistan: A hard country, is another significant book that will give you an insight into real situations prevailing in Pakistan. Pakistan and the Karakoram highway is also a very remarkable book that must be read by you.

Backpacking in Pakistan
If you are planning to visit Pakistan for just two weeks, you can surely enjoy your visit for 14 days, but we want to tell you that you will have to rush your travel plan a lot. I also give you the information that Pakistan is a country of unexpected events and immensely beautiful lands, so you need to enhance your duration of stay for visiting this country.

Lahore Visit

Lahore is a very wonderful city in Pakistan. It is the second-largest city in Pakistan. It is there in Lahore that you will find Sufi dancing, stunning mosques, good and tasty foods plus so many eye-catching things. If you go to Lahore, you should never ignore the chance to pay a visit to Badshahi Masjid. Note that this is one of the largest mosques in the world.

One lac people can pray in this mosque easily. Wazir khan mosque is also fit to be visited by you. You should also go inside this mosque to please your eyes and have some good moments. You should also take out some time to go to Wagah Border. It is there that many people gather to witness the ceremony every day and enjoy a lot. You can find expensive and economical hotels in Lahore at the same time. It is just your choice, if you want to spend less money, you will necessarily get some hotel to serve this purpose and if you desire to have some luxurious hotel, you will not get disappointed.

Visit Islamabad

Islamabad is a city that had been constructed with the only motive to be made the capital of Pakistan. It is not a very old city. The clean and green city of Islamabad is enough to hold your attention. This is a very beautiful capital of Pakistan. Pakistani elite has populated most of the city. The best restaurants are to be seen in this city. Huge mansions and costly cars are also seen on the clean and crystal-clear roads of Islamabad. If you are in Islamabad, you must pay a visit to Faisal Mosque.

This is one of the largest mosques in Pakistan. You should also not miss the chance of seeing the highest point of the hill at Monal. It is there that you can view beautiful views of the city. Moving around this city will be a good experience and you should rely on Uber to go to different places in the city. You can also go by bus to move to the city. I spent a few nights in Islamabad city and ate food at very good restaurants in Pakistan.

Islamabad and Lahore are two very important cities of Pakistan. You can go to Islamabad from Lahore by bus, train or by air. If you want to save time you must decide to go by air. But if you take up the decision to choose the bus or train, it will also be a good experience for you and you will enjoy it a lot during your journey from Lahore to Islamabad.
You can get hotels in Islamabad at cheaper rates too, but this does not mean that you cannot stay in luxury hotels. It is just a matter of your personal choice.

Visit Gilgit-Baltistan

Gilgit is a city where shia people are in the majority. Gilgit is the base for traveling to all surrounding areas. There is a wide range of hotels and restaurants. Bazaars there are also in great numbers. There are also some tourist sites in this city. This city has a river with some good bridges. And it is there that you will find the Kargah Buddha statue. This is a statue that was carved in a cliff in the 7th century. There is no public transportation, so if you manage a private taxi, it will be a very good thing for you and you will enjoy your vehicle for your going to different places around Gilgit.

Minapin and Rakaposhi Base Camp

Minapin is a small town 75 kilometers away from Gilgit. There are many awesome views in this small town. It is there that you can organize trekking to Rakaposhi base camp. You should spend time in Minapin town and on the following day, go to the base camp if you think that you are a reasonably fit person.

Hitchhiking is the easiest way to go to Minapin town if you do not have your vehicle.

Visit Karimabad (Hunza)

Karimabad is a city around Hunza, most inhabitants of which are Ismailis. This city is surrounded by mountains. The loftiness of these mountains is told to be almost 7000 meters. Karimabad is also home to two Unesco world heritage forts. The atmosphere there is said to be a bit lazy. The roads and streets in this city are a bit narrow. I recommend you to visit Baltit and Altit forts and Eagle nest. These are viewpoints from where, you can get clear views of Rakaposhi, Diran, and Lady Finger.

We would tell you once again that the rates of hotels in Karimabad are also cheaper as well as expensive.

Peshawar city Visit

Peshawar is one of the oldest cities in Pakistan. It was the capital of the Kushan Empire. Since it is located at the border with Afghanistan at Khyber Pass, it has wonderful Silk Road point linking north and south, east and west Asia. Peshawar is the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Province. There are many finest bazaars in this city of Pakistan.

Strolling down in this city is a very amusing activity. You can buy a Pushtun hat there in the city. Best lamb is available to the travelers and locals in this city. If you want to visit Khyber Pass, we will tell you that for this purpose, it is a must for you to have a permit in advance. Without it, you can’t visit it.

Visit Swat Valley

Swat valley is a very beautiful land in Pakistan. Local Pashtuns assert that this is the Switzerland of Pakistan. If you make a plan to have hiked there through fairy forests, I am sure that you will amazingly enjoy Swat valley. Some years ago, the valley was controlled by the Taliban, but soon the trial of Swat valley people was over and they were freed from the occupation of the Taliban.

Girls in Swat wear hijab when they are very young but as they grow further, they begin to wear Burqa. It is there that you should be very cautious about what you say and do because people there are very sensitive about their religion.

The Swat valley is home to extreme beauty. I suggest you visit Malam Jabba, where you will necessarily enjoy it a lot. Buddha Cravings is also a site to be seen. If you are fond of trekking, there can be many chances for you to make this desire of your come true. Mingora is a town where you can also do trekking. Kalam is also full of many beautiful sites that should not be missed by your eye.

The Chitral Visit

The travel to Chitral proves pretty difficult. If you are in Mangora, you can get a minibus to Timargara. After reaching Timargara, you will have to take a second minibus that takes you to Chitral. But if you are in Kalam, you can go to Chitral through Kumrat valley and Dir.
Chitral is a big city and this is the very place where you can go to the Kalash valley of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Bear this fact in your mind that if you do not get registered with the local police, they will never allow you to go along with your plans. It is in the Kalash valley that the police will give you an armed guard for your safety. Al- Farooq hotel is a famous place for your stay in Chitral.

Visit Rumbur and Kalash Valleys

The Kalash valleys are very beautiful places in Pakistan. There are several villages in Kalash valley. Bumburet is said to be the biggest village in the whole area. But Birir is a very small village in the Kalash valley. It is my recommendation for you to go to Rumbur because Rumbur is a very authentic village and it is quite big and I am sure that you will remain busy there for some days.

No matter where you want to go, it is a must for you to go to the village of Aini. You can take a minibus from Chitral to get to Aini.  An engineer is a local man. He is a very capable person and speaks English very fluently. He makes every effort to make your stay there very unforgettable.

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